Youth serves with distinction, passion at Hobart church


HOBART, Ind. -- Trinity UMC is a small membership congregation in Hobart, with average attendance of 50. We have an active Kid's Club and youth ministry, diner ministry and a pantry ministry with raised gardens, which serve the surrounding community each month when vegetables are in season. Patrick Hottle (age 12) is a young leader at Trinity, because he is always ready to offer whatever he has and serves in whatever capacity God has called him. What makes him a leader isn't that he reads Scriptures but does so with joy and passion. Not long ago I had anyone to assist with communion so Patrick offered to serve with me. He not only served that Sunday but later approached me and said, "Pastor you don't have to keep looking for someone to help with communion all the time anymore I'll help you." That's leadership. Patrick sees the empty spaces and steps in to fill them. Praise be to God for the all Patrick's in our midst who demonstrate that the young can live out and be disciples of Jesus Christ in our midst. Maybe someday he'll be preaching in your pulpit. -- Rev. Roberta L. Cook, Hobart Trinity UMC

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