One child asking to use a computer led to a computer ministry


INDIANAPOLIS – The Rev. David Peñalva, pastor of Vida Nueva United Methodist Church, on the westside of Indianapolis, shares this story, "One of the young children at Vida Nueva saw the computers in the church. She asked if she could use one of the computers, because at school she needed to learn her spelling words. She wasn't able to use the school computers until she learned how to spell. She couldn't learn how to spell until she learned the computer." Today, there are 24 computer stations and computer classes for both children and adults at Vida Nueva. The Rev. David Peñalva (Pastor), Stacy Peñalva (Centro Director), along with their worshiping congregation, listened and learned ways together to meet the needs in their community. During the past eleven years located at 2801 West Washington Street, the congregation has increased its ministries to include compassionate ministries as well as worship, Bible studies and children ministries. Learn more.

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