Rescuing women from strip-club employment to better lifestyle


KOKOMO, Ind. – On Monday nights in Kokomo, a team of church women go to strip clubs to minister to women working in the club. They are part of a ministry call Light in Darkness. Most of their teams focus on friendship evangelism in strip clubs and are reaching out to women trapped in the sex industry. They are helping them – one at a time – to leave this predatory lifestyle. Recently, one woman left the club and is now working at a nursing home. Since she has to wait a month to receive a paycheck, the Kokomo volunteers are helping with her food and school supplies for her children. The basis of the ministry is prayer. The group spends more than an hour praying together before heading out “clubbing.” Not all women enter the club. Some stay in the parking lot and pray for those inside. Carolyn Knight, the ministry’s leader, is training people and going into clubs in Indianapolis, Noblesville, Anderson and has been invited to do training in Bloomington. More information about this ministry can be found online at

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