Ten Point Coalition making streets safer in Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS – Decked out in bright yellow-green vests, Ten Point Coalition volunteers fan out across Indianapolis each weekend to walk the streets of the inner city to make them safer. The coalition is headed by the Rev. Charles Harrison, senior pastor of Barnes United Methodist Church in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition (ITPC) is a faith-based organization comprised of churches, faith-based groups, and individuals who are concerned about critical issues in the community such as violence in the Indianapolis Community. According to the coalition’s online Facebook page, “The mission of the coalition is to be a faith-based organization to address critical issues and lower violence in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Coalition leaders say, “Ten Point is getting a lot of love in the community. People are stopping us everywhere and thanking us for the work that we do in the city, in trying to keep the peace. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God,’ Matthew 5:9.” For more information, visit them on Facebook at Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition.

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