Matthews congregations partners with Habitat to build house for needy family

MATTHEWS, Ind. – A family in our small community of Matthews has been inundated with many health and financial issues, so the idea came up to see about getting them into a Habitat for Humanity house. Our church, Matthews Epworth UMC, contacted Habitat about this, and was informed they needed donated land in order to build. So we found 3½ lots within the town limits that were available for purchase, raised $15,000 in only two months from our church and community members, purchased these lots, and began building in July. Projected finish date is the beginning of November. We have had more than 30 men involved at some point in this build, along with a couple of volunteer groups for a few days who have helped to make this dream a reality. Women from the church have also faithfully provided meals on the work days. We are so thankful to be used by God in this way, as this has been a blessing for our congregation, as well as the family that will soon be moving into the house. – From Jan Bunch

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