Noblesville boy takes lead in growing produce for local food pantry


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – Two years ago Tyler Ashby, a 9-year-old, of Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Noblesville watched a TV show about a girl who grew a large cabbage and donated the cabbage to her local soup kitchen; she was able to feed several people. Tyler was so inspired by the story that he started a garden to donate food to the local food pantry our church supports. The Ashby family planted a garden in their back yard and gave all of the food grown to the food pantry. They also asked other members in their church to donate anything they wanted as well. The Ashby family spoke at the food pantry, which officially called his table “Tyler’s Table.” During the past two years, Tyler’s vision has grown tremendously and he has been able to speak at other local churches about his project and other individuals have started donating home grown produce to local food pantries. Beginning this past year Emmanuel UMC started an 80 x 40 foot garden. Tyler picked out the produce he wanted to plant and with other youth and members of our church, helped care for the garden. The produce from the garden was donated to the food pantry. The church has had such great success with its plants that the church has been able to donate to other local food pantries in the area as well.

– Lisa Ashby, missions chairperson, Emmanuel UMC, Noblesville

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