GED program at Vida Nueva UM Ministries makes dream come true


INDIANAPOLIS – Juan arrived in the United States with his family from Mexico when he was 15. His parents sacrificed a great deal, left a large extended family and relocated to make a life in the United States. His parents hoped their children would benefit from this move, finding success and happiness in this new land. The adjustment was hard for Juan, however, as he entered school not knowing English. He was not familiar with the customs and expectations of this country. After trying for a couple years, he left school and began to work in a mechanics shop. Work was difficult to find since he did not have a work permit and was not able to get his high school diploma. With all these challenges and dead ends, it seemed that the sacrifice of Juan's family might be for naught. Juan, however, learned about the Deferred Action Program. He realized that if he could study and obtain a GED, he would be eligible for permission to work and reside in the U.S. legally. He quickly enrolled in our program at Vida Nueva which is the only GED prep program offered in Spanish in the city of Indianapolis. He studied hard, took the test and passed. He is now the owner of a high school diploma and has permission to work, to live and to study in the U.S. Juan is on his way to making his parents' dreams (and his own) come true. Vida Nueva UM Ministries is a Central District Advance special and has been designated in 2014 by the Indiana United Methodist Conference as a Conference Advance Special. For more information, or email to

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