Darlington congregation supports pastors across the pond


Co-pastors Bryan and Maureen Langdoc of the Darlington United Methodist Church in the West District are on the path to becoming provisional elders during this upcoming annual conference Session. The members of the 65-member church they are appointed to serve are currently giving the Langdoc family (dad, mom and three young children) unprecedented support. Maureen was accepted into a doctoral degree program in Kings College at Cambridge University in England. Both Bryan and Maureen moved with their children to England in early April, however Bryan continues to literally bridge the geographic gap electronically with sermons and continues to give leadership to the church here in Indiana from Cambridge. In turn, the congregation has continued to support the Langdoc family financially and will continue to do so until a new pastor is appointed to the church beginning July 1. West District Superintendent John Groves and Associate District Superintendent John Davis have given their support to the congregation too by providing sacraments once a month and by being on call in case of emergency. Watch the “Langdocs in England – Week 1.” on YouTubehere. See Bryan’s Easter sermon here.

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