More than 20 clergy willing to commit to change in UMC


On Friday May 16, 2014, the 2013-2014 class of the Bishop’s Leadership Academy concluded with guest presenter Dr. Leonard Sweet. And while Dr. Sweet was a captivating presenter that challenged clergy leaders to rethink the ways in which ministry is done, the glory sighting was the engagement of over 20 clergy who see a different future for the United Methodist Church and are committed to making the necessary changes…GLORY BE!

The Bishop’s Leadership Academy started in 2012 under the direction of Rev. Brian Durand with Bishop Coyner’s active insights and participation. The Academy ‘s objectives are 1) To grow leaders prepared for the church’s future, 2) To create a community of mutual mentoring and collaborative learning, and 3) To celebrate and expand in gifts as leaders. Those clergypersons, who have significant years of ministry service remaining, that commit to this nine-month process also experience building deeper relationships with colleagues in the Connection.

As the incoming Director of Leadership Development, I am excited for the two classes of leaders who have completed the Bishop’s Leadership Academy, but equally hopeful for those who will experience the learning and fellowship in the coming years. Who knows, perhaps the Bishop’s Leadership Academy is a catalyst for encouraging, empowering, and equipping fruitful leaders and a basis for leadership development in the Indiana Conference. – The Rev. Aleze Fulbright, incoming Director of Leadership Development

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