Twice as many congregations respond to 100 New Points of Light


INDIANAPOLIS – One of the surprises of the recent Indiana United Methodist Conference at Indianapolis was an overwhelming response to Bishop Mike Coyner’s invitation to his 100 New Points of Light campaign. During his presentation, Coyner invited Indiana’s United Methodist churches, 1100 of them, to start a new worship service or other new outreach to increase worship attendance. His goal was for at least 100 congregations to respond. When asked, more than 300 members representing 201 congregations walked to the stage to accept a symbolic battery-powered light and a commitment card. Running out of lights, Coyner encouraged responders to use their cell phones for light. Each congregation will receive $500 to help establish a new point of light. Each also will be assigned a coach to assist them. Read Bishop Coyner’s E-pistle and see the list of churches at

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