Following in the family tradition


My father, who is a retired pastor in the Korean Methodist Church, and my step-mother came to visit me for 3 weeks last month. As my father is going to be 89 this summer and I haven’t seen them for 8 years, I invited them to spend some time together with me. I hoped to have them for my ordination, which will be in two years, but I was not sure if they would be able to make it to my ordination.

When my parents came here, they were invited by Jack and Cleota who held a cottage meeting for them. They later told me that it was their first time visiting an American home and that they were very much impressed by the cheerful and pleasant mood. The greatest thing that happened to us was that Brushwood invited him to preach for them and my father accepted the offer gratefully. It was the most touching moment to both of us when I stood next to my father translating while he preached.

He shared about our family tradition and how we became Christians in the first place. And below is the introduction that my father shared at Brushwood.

I am a retired pastor in the Korean Methodist Church. I am going to share how God has blessed our family. Since my grandmother became a Christian, we have become a Christian family down five generations. My grandmother died at age 102, and her sincere prayer was to have many pastors in her family. As a result of her prayer, my father, me myself, my older son, and my youngest daughter, your pastor Hyesook, have all become pastors. Now I have two granddaughters who have just started doing ministry in UMC (and their spouses are also an UMC pastor and a seminarian at Wesley Theological Seminary), and one grandson who plans to come to the U.S. to attend a seminary this coming fall after finishing his bachelor’s degree at Korean Methodist University.

I am very thankful that God has given special opportunities for many of our family members to serve God as pastors from generation to generation, and I am very proud of this. I also praise God for all the things He has done for our family. I really appreciate your love, care, and cooperation with my daughter.

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