Royal Center United Methodist Church, Northwest District


Every Wednesday, we have a free meal and worship service called "Re-Center." Our goal is to build authentic community as we share food, fellowship and worship together. We strive to make it family-friendly, putting paper down on the tables for coloring pictures having to do with the theme for the week, or sidewalk chalk when we took our worship outside to reflect on our call to spread the good news, and serve others, outside our church walls. Regardless of the topic or scripture, each week we celebrate communion with home-baked bread. The kids really look forward to communion, sometimes sitting down front and lining up first. The youth have also been eager to serve communion. Pictured above is one little girl who stepped up to help serve communion for the first time. It was touching to see her take her job so seriously, repeating to each person, "The blood of Christ, shed for you." as she helped serve all of the others present.

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