Fruitful Congregation Journey Overview

The Fruitful Congregation Journey is a team-based, leadership development discovery process to help churches more effectively fulfill the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Fruitful Congregation Journey consists of the following three steps:

  1. Shared Learning Experience
  2. Consultation Process
  3. Ministry Action Plan

Shared Learning Experience (7 months)

In Step 1, the process develops a church’s leadership base, helping grow leaders and providing them with key concepts for church effectiveness. 

  1. Laity track, called Lay Leadership Development (LLD)
  2. Pastor track, called Pastor Leadership Development (PLD)

Consultation Process (approximately 5 months, once scheduled)

Step 2 of the process provides a church with a Ministry Action Plan that is tailored to its unique context and that builds on the concepts introduced in Step 1.

Implementation of Ministry Action Plan (up to 24 months)

In Step 3, with the help of a coach, the church will implement the next steps outlined in its Ministry Action Plan.


  1. Review this information and your invitation letter with your church leaders.
  2. Show your leaders a video explaining FCJ and the results it is bringing to Indiana UMCs.
  3. Contact a church that has been through Step 1. 
  4. Contact your district's Church Development staff person to see if they might be available to meet with your Church Council if needed.
  5. Engage your church in prayerful discernment. Ask: Is this the right process? Is this the right time?


Contact your district’s Church Development staff person for more information.


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