Fresh Expressions Grant

"Fresh Expressions" are new models of ministries designed to reach and disciple people who are uninterested in institutional church.

Each fresh expression of church is unique, and designed for a particular context. They can be rural or suburban, in public spaces, housing projects and college dormitories. Some are aimed at specific people groups.​ All of them are designed to consider the context of a particular community, to disciple people into deeper faith in Christ, and to be the church in new ways. Most Fresh Expressions are led by lay people. 

Church Development recently began offering a new type of grant to support these "Fresh Expressions" projects. Designed to provide some "seed money" to get the efforts launched, the grants allow for a maximum of $1,000 investment from the Indiana Conference. Twenty-five of these grants will be available in 2018.  

To be eligible to apply for a "Fresh Expressions" grant, congregation leaders must first attend a workshop, designed to introduce the concept and provide an overview of how Church Development helps churches with these grants. The next event is a pre-conference workshop at Annual Conference, Wednesday, June 6, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Information and registration will be available soon. Additional events will be added throughout the year, in various locations throughout the state. Check back for more information and registration links. 

To apply for a grant, please complete the following: 

Grant Readiness Assessment

Fresh Expressions Grant Application

Please contact Ed Fenstermacher or Emily Reece with questions. 


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