Fresh Expressions

"Fresh Expressions" are new models of ministries designed to reach and disciple people who are uninterested in institutional church. This model began in Europe and is gaining in popularity here in the U.S. Learn more about the movement in the U.S. at the "Fresh Expressions U.S." web site.   

To help our Indiana United Methodist churches learn more about this model of ministry, and embrace how it can help us reach our communities in contextually relevant and unique ways, Church Development is offering a series of "Fresh Expressions" workshops this year. The next one will be on June 6 (3:00-5:00 p.m), right before Annual Conference. In addition, we recommend the recent book, "Fresh Expressions" by Bishop Carter and Audrey Warren. Each church attending one of the workshops will receive a copy of the book. 

In addition to these events, Church Development recently began offering a new type of grant to support these "Fresh Expressions" projects. Learn more about these grants and requirements to apply. 

With questions, or for more information, please contact Ed Fenstermacher or Emily Reece


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