Faith Builders

Faith Builders is a group of 10 United Methodist Churches in Knox County which include:

Asbury Chapel, Bicknell, Bruceville, Edwardsport, Emison, Freedlandville, Morris Chapel,  Oaktown, Sandborn and Wheatland.

Disaster Relief Efforts:



3/21/2012 – Update on Disaster Relief Efforts in Southern Indiana: Pastor Jarrod Chattin and a member of his congregation made it to Henryville on Monday, March 19th at 11am. After stopping by the Catholic charities, they were given 3 jobs to assist homeowners. The Catholic Charities fed them lunch and put them to work cutting up and clearing 6 large pine trees, two of which were hung up in another tree. By 2pm, they were done and drove around to survey damage in Henryville and Marysville. They found very few people are left in the town of Marysville.  The only church in town (a Christian Church which worships 45 or so) was destroyed. They found very few houses in this area to be repairable. Two sites are set up in Marysville: one for meals and one for water and personal items, however, neither were manned. Repairs to houses were waiting for insurance to look at them.  Those without insurance were awaiting FEMA to approve aid and told if they fixed things on their home before FEMA could assess damage, they would not be reimbursed. Monday evening the workers returned back to their lodging at the Country Lake Christian retreat center. On Tuesday, they worked from 8:30am to 4pm clearing trees from a local farmer’s field who was concerned that he may not be able to get it cleaned up in time to plant.
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