Disaster Response Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Rio Texas Conference

The Rio Texas Conference is accepting volunteers at this time. ERT volunteers will be housed at Corpus Christi and Victoria. You must be ERT Trained and hold a ERT badge to serve in these areas. 

Team leaders can register their ERT Team here


Texas Annual Conference

The Texas Annual Conference is ready to receive volunteer teams to assist with Hurricane Harvey relief. The work consists mainly of cleaning out flooded homes and requires extensive physical labor. We would prefer that at least one member of your team be ERT trained. Teams should bring their own protective gear and tools. All members need proof of Safe Sanctuary training and a clear background check from your local United Methodist Church. You will be housed at a host church in the conference.

Team leaders can register their ERT team here


Louisiana Conference

The Louisiana Conference is ready to receive ERT volunteers at this time. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. 

Team leaders can register their ERT team here


Volunteers needed in South Bend

Volunteers are needed for flood recovery work in South Bend, IN. UMCOR has granted the Indiana Conference $100,000 to use for recovery from flooding that took place in August 2016. Most work will be construction focused. All ages and skill levels are welcomed. Housing options are available at Camp Millhouse in South Bend. 

To sign up or learn more, email southbendvolunteers@gmail.com or call 574-334-9634


Other volunteer opportunities

For those wanting to volunteer but aren’t trained, or for those with youth wanting to serve: On the SCJ website you will find a list along with an interactive map where there are opportunities for United Methodist disaster response and recovery, open to all teams, with thanks to the UMVIM jurisdictional coordinators. 

Visit www.scjumc.org/mission/disaster to view the PDF list and map.