Disability Awareness Sunday

Why Disability Awareness Sunday?

Chances are good that you have children and adults in your church who have disabilities. Chances are greater that you have many others who live in your church’s neighborhood without a church home, as fewer than half of families who have a child with a disability attend church.

According to the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, one in every 100 Indiana K-12 students have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. One in every 693 babies is born with Down Syndrome. Approximately, one million people in the United States have cerebral palsy. Millions more have other disabilities.

All of them are children of God. All of them have unique gifts and personalities that transcend – or perhaps illuminate – disability. It is this large body of Hoosiers with disabilities and unique gifts that we celebrate on Disability Awareness Sunday.

That is all Disability Awareness Sunday needs to be – a celebration of all God’s people.

Resources for Disability Awareness

Bulletin Insert - click here

The Balloon Skit - click here

This skit was written for Disability Awareness Sunday at Avon UMC. The goals of the Special Needs Ministry team and the writer were to raise awareness and portray how the church as the body of Christ can help others.

Mission Moments

Two mission moments written by Evangel Heights UMC in South Bend for Disability Awareness Sunday.

A Place for All

  • Videos exploring the courageous stories of persons with disabilities as they succeed in making their faith communities truly inclusive - click here.

National Disability Ministry Committee Resources

The Indiana Governor's Council for People with Disabilities

Reading List

UM disability blog and INUMC lectionary for Lent 5B

Reading: John 12:20-33 - Click here to download.

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