Devotions for Annual Conference

Ten Days of Prayer for the Indiana Annual Conference Session
of The United Methodist Church

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Day 1 – May 30

The Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts and minds for the 2013 Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference to accept the challenge to be "World Changers."

Day 2 – May 31

People will have safe travel from across Indiana to Indianapolis and return home inspired to be “World Changers.”

Day 3 – June 1

The Speakers discern the message from the Throne of God, and prepare the concepts to challenge participants to be “World Changers”.

Day 4 – June 2

Volunteers will help in a variety of ways during Community Outreach Day and throughout the 2013 Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference, to be the hands, feet, voice, and heart of Jesus. Allow the organizations to communicate their visions of being “world changers” and inspire volunteers to quickly implement the changes.

Day 5 – June 3

The World Changer Workshops will inspire people to accept the challenge, gain knowledge, and be able to apply techniques to improve their church communities.

Day 6 – June 4

People in attendance will receive a deeper relationship with the Trinity through teachings, encounters, prayer, and worship. An awakening of the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be recognized along with miracles, signs, and wonders to proclaim throughout the Annual Conference. The 5K Race will usher in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and break chains of bondage over Indiana.

Day 7 – June 5

Allow Radical hospitality to radiate from the core of the 2013 Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference into the hearts of the people to take back to their communities.

Day 8 – June 6

Protect the people attending the Family Night at Monument Circle, the Indianapolis Indians Baseball and the Fever Women’s Basketball Games and Praise Night. Help them be the light of hope as they carry the glory of God into the community.

Day 9 – June 7

Pray for a fresh anointing of the gifts and fruits from the Holy Spirit on all pastors, staff members, and attendees as the new pastors are ordained and others retire to new adventures.

Day 10 – June 8

Thank God for safe travel and protection for the people as they travel home to begin their journey to be “World Changers.”


Thank you to the following contributing authors for their devotions:

  • Bill Byers,
  • Linda Hankins,
  • Eileen Marschel,
  • Jacquie Meisenhelder, and
  • Ruth Esther Vawter.

They are members of Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, 963 N. Girls School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214 – 317-241-6163

Pastor Mike Biggs and Pastor Kathy Ottinger.

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