Daily HUM News for June 7, 2013

AU Choir

Africa University Choir to be featured in concert tonight during worship

Tonight we will experience the Africa University U.S. Touring Choir during the evening worship service at 7:30 p.m. The service will highlight Africa University with a campaign to assist education at AU. The touring choir features students from various African countries, all with a passion for music ministry. Its repertoire is drawn from the African praise and worship tradition and features songs in more than 18 languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Swahili (East and Central Africa); Shona and Ndebele (Zimbabwe); Zulu (South Africa); and Lingala (Democratic Republic of Congo). These songs speak of abiding faith in the face of trials and celebrate the fullness of God’s love. We welcome our fellow United Methodists from AU to Indiana. For more information about AU, visit www.africau.edu. This evening’s offering will be given to Africa University.

Beeson to lead ‘The 5 Essentials of TEAM’ during Friday morning workshops

BeesonThe Rev. Mark Beeson of Granger Community UMC will be leading “The 5 Essentials of TEAM” workshop on Friday morning from 10:15 a.m. to noon in the Worship Center (Hall K) along Capitol Hallway. This workshop is the only workshop open to members and guests who have not yet registered for a workshop. In this workshop, the five vital ingredients are key to the success of each team in your church. By the time this workshop ends, participants will know exactly why people join teams, and why people leave teams. Whether your mission is to launch another campus, build a student ministry, develop a pre-school ministry or reach your area for Christ, your ability to build the team to get the job done is essential.

Fuquays to explore process of change in church affecting the community, transforming lives

FuquaysThe Rev. Rob Fuquay, senior pastor of St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis, and his wife, Susan Fuquay, will be leading the Friday morning Bible Study. They have titled their teaching moment “Vision for a Life and World-Changing Community.” Rob said, “It will deal with the process of change in the church that involves both the practices affecting the community as a whole as well as the activities that foster personal transformation in the lives of believers.” The session begins immediately after the 8:15 a.m. Morning Praise in the Worship Center (Hall K) along Capitol Hallway.

Prayer for today

Pray for a fresh anointing of the gifts from the Holy Spirit on all pastors, staff members and attendees as the new pastors are commissioned or ordained and others retire to new adventures.

Reynolds encourages all to remember Easter greeting each day

ReynoldsThe Rev. Dr. Cindy Reynolds, North District Superintendent, encouraged worshippers during the Service of Remembrance and Celebration of Life Thursday night to remember the greeting from the beginning church: “Christ is risen; Christ is risen indeed.” Reynolds stressed that this is not just an Easter greeting, but the principle we should follow as we live our daily lives.

According to Reynolds, only 18.7 percent of all Hoosiers are in a worship service Sunday mornings. By living out the Easter greeting in our everyday lives, Reynolds stated we are committing ourselves to make a difference in this world to reach out to the remaining 81.3 percent of Hoosiers not in a Sunday worship service. “In every county in Indiana, there’s a United Methodist congregation. We can change this state,” said Reynolds.

She said she believes every congregation…, every pastor…, every lay person… will change this world!

Reynolds also recognized those being memorialized in the service, stating that these individuals lived out the Easter greeting everyday of their lives, pouring service into their communities in many forms.

During the Service of Remembrance and Celebration of Life Thursday evening, clergy and clergy spouses who died since the 2012 annual conference session were remembered. Clergy remembered included: Russell Anderson, Richard Bennett, Stan Buck, Orla Bradford, Macklyn Bradish, David Cummings, Larry Curtis, Ivan Emily, Sheldon Garriott, John Gaus, Robert Gingery, Kenneth Holdzkom, Earnest Howard, August Huber, Alfred Keller, James Keith, Donald LaSuer, John Mangum, Mary McGawn, John McFarland, Emerald Joe Miller, Joseph Newton, Harold North, Charles Nunery, Henry Oakes, William Offutt, Lyle Rasmussen, Jack Snell, Edward Susat, James Swan, John Swank, Richard Thistle, George Weister, Russell Wilbur, Jack Williams, Roger Wrigley

Clergy spouses remembered included: Helen Abts, Lois Aebersold, Zuleika Anderson, Mary Barger, Joyce Berg, Marjorie Blake, Carol Bonham, Ruth Gentry Boring, Ellen Brashares, Vera Darleen Campbell, Norma Carmin, Neoma Colpitts, Betty Dixon, Ruth Ellen Edwards, Susanna Ellis, Elvera Martin Esche, Betty Jo Fields, Irene Garner, E. Marie Giles, Donald Rocky Ginder, M. Virginia Hershberger, Bernice Kennell, Mildred Kessinger, Vivian Laffin, Dorothy McCord, Elvira Miller, Rosemary Morin, Frances Peterson, Agatha Powell, Rose Sievers, Edward Skiba, Clare Stone, Mary Summitt, Mary Wardrip, Naomi Winter, Marcie Young

Churches discontinued and remembered (within District) included: Millgrove in Hartford City (E), New Corydon (NE), Zion in Butler (NE), Belleville in Clayton (Cent.), Grace in Urbana (NE), Grant Line in Floyd County (S), Pleasant Chapel (SW), Lockerbie Central in Indianapolis (Cent.), Rigdon (N.Cent.), Patronville (SW), Cynthiana (SW), and God’s Grace Ministries in Marion (N.Cent.). -- Jennifer Meadows

Africa University Finance Campaign approved

The Indiana Annual Conference Session approved June 6 an Africa University finance campaign to endow a Chair of Agriculture and at least four annual student scholarships by raising $1.6 million in the next three years across the Indiana Conference. The Rev. Bill Keith is chair of the campaign. In response to the approval of this campaign, the Friends of Africa University in the Indiana Conference are giving the first $100,000. More information about Africa University will be given at Friday night’s worship service with the Africa University Choir.

Electronic giving to debut at annual conference session

On behalf of the Conference Council on Finance and Administration, Conference Treasurer Jennifer Gallagher announced that electronic giving will be available Friday night during the worship service featuring the Africa University Choir. Two kiosks will be available to receive gifts from debit and credit cards.

Bishop to name a General Conference election task force

The Rev. Frank Beard and Ed Fenstermacher, head delegates of the 2012 Indiana General Conference delegation, requested that Bishop Coyner name a Holy Conferencing Task Force to improve the way delegates will be elected to the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Ore. in 2015. The task force will report to the 2014 annual conference session with a proposed process of election. The conference approved their motion.

Food trucks coming Friday

If you haven’t made plans for one of the conference luncheons, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., nine food trucks will be on Georgia Street (across from the Convention Center east entrance) to serve Friday lunch. Also, an ice cream truck will be parked Friday evening, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church’s parking lot, across from the Convention Center at the corner of Georgia Street and Capitol Avenue. Summer Song Ice Cream will feature Blue Bunny frozen treats.

Hoosier author Doris Aldrich Smith has written two books published by Tate Publishing. Her first book was Pastor Elle In Heavenly Heels. Her second book was Road Trip Trio. See her and her books at the Begoria Cluster Booth 314 in the Displays Hall. It’s one of 50 plus booths.

56 retirees to be recognized Friday aftaernoon

During the Retiree Recognition this afternoon, 56 pastors will officially retire. Some have already taken that step, but have not yet been publically recognized. Most will enter their new appointment as retied beginning July 1. They represent 1,407 years of appointed ministry. In alphabetically order followed by the number of years from their first appointment not including student appointments, they are: Karen Altergott 18, Allen Armstutz 42, Douglas Anderson 43, Daniel Berger 40, Michael Biggs 42, James Bontrager 12, John Brackney 20, Linda Brackney 20, Jack Burks 4, Larry Bush 30, Patricia Bymaster 7, Frederick Cain 36, Terry Chandler 24, Rex Charles 33, Marvin Cheek 34, Linda Craig 25, Robert Dexter 41, Bonnie Draeger 15, William Dunfee 33, Ronald Ellis 8, James Evans 29, Nancy Fergusson 16, Betty Ann Garrett 24, Charles Gast Jr. 34, Jonathan Gosser 42, Mark Gough 38,a Daryl Hamlyn 15, William Hemmig 37, Michael Darwin Hendrix 37, David Herr 41, Marsha Hutchinson 9, Janet Jacobs 18, Lucia Jones 14, Stanley Jones 27, William Jones Jr. 19, William Keith 39, Warren Kirkwood 15, Gary Loy 9, Martha Lyon 18, Robert Allan McCracken 36, Brenda Oldstrom 26, Heather Olson-Bunnel 35, David VW Owen 44, Richard Patton 10, Randall Slavens 40, Laura Bell Smith 6, Linda Spoull 17, Raymond Squibb 39, Sharon Taylor 14, Jerry Thomas 1, Jim Toole 42, Kenneth Walker 25, John Walls 27, Tomas Watt 21, John C. Wolf 5 and Kenneth Woods 11.

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