Course of Study (COS)

The Indiana Extension Course of Study School is an extension of the Garrett-Evangelical School of Theology Course of Study School, operating under the authority of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church.  Student performance is reported to the Division of Ordained Ministry, the annual conference Board Of Ordained Ministry and the student's Conference Superintendent and District Committee on Ministry.

The United Methodist Church requires part-time local pastors to complete the Course of Study in 12 years.  The student should complete two classes per year to be eligible for reappointment.  (Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2016 ¶318.2  See also ¶ 316-320)

The weekend schedule makes attendance at the Indiana Extension COS School possible for part-time pastors having a non-clergy vocation.

Applicants must complete the Candidacy and License to Preach requirements before beginning the Course of Study.

            $270    INUMC Local Pastor
            $300     Minister Other Denomination
            $300     Other Conference Local Pastor

The following classes are being offered in Fall 2018:

121 Bible I: Introduction

124 Transformative Leadership

221 Bible II: Torah & Israel's History

224 Administration and Polity

322 Theological Heritage III: Medieval-Reformation

323 Congregational Care

423 Mission

521 Bible V: Acts, Epistles, Revelation

522 Theology of the Contemporary Church

523 Evangelism

For financial aid applicants should check with the Local Pastor Registrar of his/her annual conference, Conference Superintendent, or District Committee.

Students pay for textbooks and any other personal expenses. Tuition includes noon meal on Saturdays.






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