Continuing Education Grants

Continuing Education Grants for Individual Clergy

Continuing Education Grants provide financial assistance for pastors who attend qualifying continuing education events.  These grants are available annually through the Ministerial Education Fund on a “use it or lose it basis.”

Current grants for clergy appointed to full-time active service provide up to the lesser of $500 or 75% of the cost of attending an event.

Current grants for clergy appointed to part-time active service provide up to the lesser of $250 or 75% of the cost of attending an event.

Please send applications to:

Administrator of Leadership Development – Ministerial Services
301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46280

Or email completed application to:

Applications need to be received in the Conference Office at least two weeks prior to the event. Checks will be processed upon receipt of the application.


CE Requirements

The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church requires all pastors serving under appointment to complete continuing education (CE). In the Indiana Conference, the Professional Development Committee, a sub-group of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, has been established to provide continuing educational guidelines for pastors (BOD ¶634.2n). Minimum continuing education units required per “continuing education year” (June 1 to May 31) have been established for all persons serving under appointment in the Indiana Conference and are listed below. One contact hour of Continuing Education is equal to .1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU).


  • Clergy appointed to full-time active service = 2.5 CEU’S
  • Clergy appointed to less than full-time active service = 2.0 CEU’S
  • Participants in RIM and/or COS are exempt from additional continuing education requirements and should check the appropriate box on the CE Report Form.

CE Year-End Form

Click here to DOWNLOAD PDF Form then follow the instructions below (also noted at the top of the form).

1. Click SAVE on the PDF form to save on your computer.
2. Click CLOSE BROWSER to close your web browser. Please note that you need to complete the form you saved on your computer and not the online PDF.
3. OPEN the PDF form you just saved on your computer and complete with your information accordingly.
4. SAVE AGAIN when done filling out so that you have a copy of your completed form.
5. To submit your completed form, click appropriate District box at the bottom of the form and your completed form will ATTACH TO AN EMAIL for sending.