Conference Prayer Coordinator calls conference to a season of prayer

The Indiana Conference Prayer Coordinator Shirley Saddler calls for the people of the United Methodist churches in Indiana to join together in a season of prayer prior to the 2010 Indiana Annual Conference. Saddler said, “Our prayer emphasis will begin on Thursday, May 6, and will continue for four weeks. Each of those weeks, we invite people to observe a time of prayer with a Wesley fast. There are different examples of how and why John Wesley fasted, so my suggestion to those who wish to participate is to abstain from solid food from after the evening meal each Thursday until late afternoon on Friday. Our focus during this time of fasting and prayer will be to pray for Bishop Coyner and all those in leadership who will be representing our United Methodist churches at the 2010 Annual Conference at Ball State University in Muncie.

“We will pray for a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to blow through our Indiana Conference. We will pray for district superintendents, pastors and families, who are in transition in the appointment process. We will be open to the Holy Spirit to lead us to pray for many other people and situations, including our own congregations and pastors.

“Those who should not fast from solid food because of health issues or other reasons might choose to give up something else as they spend extra time in prayer each week."