El Camino De Santiago - Clergy Spiritual Pilgrimage


From Indianapolis to Santiago de compostela

•Walking 130 miles.

• 17 days.

• 15 transformed lives.

• 1 Destination.


Why Journey to Santiago?

Christians have been taking pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela for 1200 years. El Camino de Santiago means “the Way of St. James” and is a walking pilgrimage across northern Spain to the Tomb and Cathedral of St. James.


What is Spiritual Pilgrimage?

• Spiritual pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place.

• Spiritual pilgrimage calls for a life transformation.

• Spiritual pilgrimage is a difficult journey.

• Spiritual pilgrimage requires disconnecting from routine.


Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Gibbs will lead 15 clergy on 17-day journey from Indianapolis to Santiago de Compostela. In Spain, we will visit Ponferada, Compostela, and Madrid as well as walking through about 100 towns and villages. Lots of interaction with Spanish villagers and some of the 250,000 annual pilgrims from around the world are highlights of the journey.



Approximately 15 clergy will make pilgrimage. The pilgrimage will be led by University of Indianapolis Chaplain Jeremiah Gibbs who has been on pilgrimage to Camino four times, two of those being group pilgrimages of college students. Depending on demand for the pilgrimage, it may be possible for clergy family members to join the group. Please inquire if you have interest of family joining.


When and Where

The trip will be 17 days (June 12-28, 2018) through northern Spain. This will include about one full day each in Ponferrada, Santiago de Compostela, and Madrid. We will walk 10-15 miles per day for 12 days. Accommodations will include some hotels and mostly albergues, special Spanish hostels that are only for pilgrims. These are normally clean and safe, but are tight coed living quarters.



The journey is designed to cause pilgrims to explore their religious and personal commitments as they walk long miles with other pilgrims, engage a culture and people very different from their own, and experience ancient and holy places. The journey will be an intense personal spiritual journey as well as a communal journey among clergy colleagues.



The total cost of the trip will be $2250. This will include meals, travel, and accommodations for the entire journey (required equipment may cost approximately another $350-$500). Clergy Continuing Formation Funds may be applicable for up to $500. Churches are encouraged to provide some funding for their pastor for spiritual formation and professional development.



If you need more information, please contact Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs at jeremiah.gibbs@inumc.org with questions.