Clergy Celebrations & Concerns – A Covenantal Prayer Ministry

A spiritual resource for all United Methodist clergy in Indiana and their families

This ministry is designed to have a narrow focus. This is a place to share prayer concerns, celebrations, health and death notices, and prayerful support of colleagues and their families in difficult circumstances. This is NOT for theological discussion, not for ministry tips and information, not to pass along gossip, not to lift up congregation members for prayer, not for coordinating conference or district events.

This ministry is designed to address the needs of a narrow group. This site is limited to Indiana UM clergy only. In order to be a part of this group, you must use your official email address.

This ministry is designed to be protected with strict confidentiality. To be a part of this group we require each participant to agree to a covenant of confidentiality. This ministry of mutual concern/celebration/encouragement lies at the very heart of our connectional ministry, as well as shared commitment to support the Church of Jesus Christ with our daily prayers.

Our Covenant of Confidentiality

I will keep the information on this group completely confidential.

When I ask for prayer for myself or a family member I will state clearly whether or not this can be lifted up by our congregations or other concerned persons for prayer. (If it is not stated clearly we will all assume it is for clergy prayers only.)

I will not lift up a colleague or their family members for prayer without first getting permission from them to do so. (I will also make clear when doing so if this is appropriate to share.)

I will honor the privacy of my brothers and sisters – and safeguard whatever personal relationship I may have with those who are in need or filled with joy by responding to the email I get discreetly with the person asking for prayer rather than the whole of those subscribing to this group.

This ministry is open to ALL clergy: local pastors, deacons, elders, District Superintendents and the Bishop. (Whatever is shared here includes those clergy in supervisory ministries).

How to sign up for the Clergy Celebrations & Concerns email group

For pastors and other clergy of the Indiana Conference who would like to be part of this confidential Clergy Celebrations & Concerns email group, please follow these procedures to join the group:

  • Click on the following link:
  • Log in using your mail credentials:  firstname.lastname & password
  • As you are not currently a member of the group, you will see the following message: “You must be a member of this group to view and participate in it.”
  • Click on “Apply for membership.”
  • Edit the nickname you want people in the group to see and then click “Apply to this group.”
  • You will start to receive emails from the group once your application is approved by the group moderator, Don Ransford. This may not be immediate, but will be done as soon as he verifies your appointment with the Indiana Conference.

Thank you, and welcome to the pastors’ email group!

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