Wesley UMC of Bryan, OH seeks Chancel Choir Director


JOB DESCRIPTION Summary - Wesley Chancel Choir Director (Sanctuary Service):


Person must be of good Christian character.
Person should be a leader, be organized, and be a team player.
Person should be competent in choral music.
Job Description: Choir sings approximately Sept. 1st  - May 31st
Select appropriate music.
Work with organist, worship design team, and church staff to coordinate service.
Prepare the Choir in their role as worship leaders.
Rehearse and direct choir as necessary approx. August 15th – May 31st
Wednesday night rehearsals - time appropriate.
Sunday warm-up and sanctuary service performance.
Plan and direct special music/production as appropriate.
Grow the choir in ability and in numbers.
Director is part of church staff and therefore reports to Senior Pastor.
 $100.00/week of practice & performance (none on any week off).
Approximately $3,500.00/ year. (9m X 4w + 2w – 3vw = 35weeks)
 Up to 1 week off per month per substitute director availability, coordinated by Director.
 Terms negotiable and appropriate for experience and ability.
Please consult the “Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual for The Wesley United Methodist Church” for
further information.

To apply, you may email the senior pastor: peterp@bryanwesleyumc.org


Phone: (419) 636-6721

Email: peterp@bryanwesleyumc.org

Website: http://www.bryanwesleyumc.org/templates/System/details.asp?id=43837&PID=1055521

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