Operation Classroom, Inc. seeks Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer


Operation Classroom is a United Methodist-affiliated mission focusing on secondary education in Sierra Leone and Liberia, English-speaking countries in West Africa.  In its 30 years, Operation Classroom has helped to build and equip schools and to provide scholarships for secondary students in these countries.

We are engaged in a capital campaign to raise $1.1 million dollars for the Taiama Enterprise Academy (the TEA), to be established in Taiama, Sierra Leone in partnership with the Sierra Leone United Methodist Conference.  The fundraising campaign is underway, and it is anticipated the first students will attend the TEA in September 2018.  The TEA is a pilot project of the African Enterprise Academies, which are proposed to be established throughout Sierra Leone and Liberia

We are looking for a culturally-competent person with a heart for mission, a passion for positive change in West Africa, good communication skills, the ability to raise funds for the ministry, great financial skills, and the ability to create and implement strategies to fulfill the mission/vision of the Board of Directors.

You are requested to send a letter of interest and detailed resume with related experiences to:
Dr. Karen Gould, Chair of the Board of Directors of Operation Classroom
2436 Hopwood Drive, Carmel IN 46032 or at email thegoulds@iquest.net
By Saturday, October 28, 2017
Select candidates will be interviewed between then and the proposed start date, January 2, 2018.


Contact: Dr. Karen Gould, Chair of the Board of Director of Operation Classroom

Address: 2436 Hopwood Drive Carmel IN 46032

Email: thegoulds@iquest.net

Website: http://operationclassroom.org/

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