Mt. Auburn UMC Seeks Director of Children's Worship


The Vision of Mt. Auburn is to join with God in transforming people from unbelievers to fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.   The discipleship process of Mt. Auburn is to: Invite unbelievers into relationship, Introduce them to Jesus who desires to connect with them, Integrate them into Christian community that connects them with other disciples for the purpose of growing in faith and becoming equipped, Equip them for service in order to live out the faith, and Deploy them into service and ministry to the world as mature disciples of Jesus Christ.  

To that end Mt Auburn will develop a children’s ministry under the direction of a team composed of a director of children’s discipleship and a director of children’s worship who will implement this process of inviting children into relationship with Jesus Christ connecting them to Christian community where they will be helped to grow in faith, equipping them to live out their faith.  As growing disciples children will be nurtured so that they can share their faith with others and be in service to Christ. 

In order to further this mission of Mt. Auburn, the core values of the children’s worship program are:
1. Introduce children to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  
2.  Give children an experiential connection to scripture.  
3.  Implement the 6 P’s of worship. (Presence, Praise, Prayer, Participatory, Proclamation, Personal response)  
4.  Affirm the importance and value of each child, as a child loved by God.  
5.  To facilitate children encouraging one another in the faith through prayer circles.
The purpose of the children’s worship is to grow children who identify themselves as disciples of Jesus Christ, who worship God with their whole hearts, who use the Bible as a guide for their lives, and who experience the reality of God’s presence in their lives.
To accomplish this goal the director of the children’s worship will recruit ministry teams to implement JAM (Jesus And Me).  

These teams will include:
1.  Music Team
2. Tech Team 3. Hospitality Team    
4. Costume and Set Team
5.  Proclamation Team (includes both actors and hosts).  

The director will be an advocate for children’s worship within the staff and congregation, and provide guidance to the congregation about its responsibility in ministry both individually and as a church for the nurturing of God’s children in worship.
Reports to: Teams with the director of children’s discipleship –both report to director of discipleship
Position Duties: The director will give leadership in these areas:                            
1.  Recruit, train, deploy, and give oversight to all 5 teams for JAM.                
2.  Give oversight to set development weekly.
3.    Select scripts for JAM services 5-6 weeks in advance to allow for actor recruitment and music development.  May require script development.  Maintain record of what scripts are used and when.  Maintain data base of scripts.
4.     Maintain record of children involved in JAM, recognize new children and make follow-up contact.
5.    Develop advertisement of JAM, communicate the JAM program to the congregation, Market JAM to the Community at large.
6.    Develop weekly power point that supports the worship service.
7.    Implement weekly JAM services giving leadership and oversight to the teams. Particular attention to the time parameters of the service.
8.    Implement the JAM junior program for 4 and 5 year old children. Developing the JAM junior Team with an eye toward preparing 4 and 5 year olds to participate in worship through JAM.
9.    Assist the children’s ministries director in annual church children’s activities such as VBS, Lent/Easter Event and Advent/Christmas Event.

Organizational Responsibilities To facilitate programming, the director will:  

Time and Professional Requirements
The director of children’s worship shall be a salaried position figured at 20 hours per week.  
The position may be lay or clergy person who enjoys working with children and has an ability to  relate to children and parents.

This position requires a person of Christian Faith who has an ability to relate the meaning of the faith to children. This position requires a person who can form ministry teams and can plan effectively.  This position requires a person who has excellent writing, verbal and organizational skills. This position requires a working knowledge of  computers and basic office equipment. A criminal background check and a Motor Vehicle Report are mandatory.  Participation in the life of the congregation is expected.

Please send resume and cover letter to Brenda Reynolds, Operations Manager.



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