Mt. Auburn UMC Seeks Director of Children's Discipleship


The Vision of Mt. Auburn is to join with God in transforming people from unbelievers to fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God. The discipleship process of Mt. Auburn is to: Invite unbelievers into relationship, Introduce them to Jesus who desires to connect with them, Integrate them into Christian community that connects them with other disciples for the purpose of growing in faith and becoming equipped, Equip them for service in order to live out the faith, and Deploy them into service and ministry to the world as mature disciples of Jesus Christ.  

To that end, Mt Auburn will develop a children’s ministry under the direction of a team composed of a director of children’s discipleship and a director of children’s worship who will implement this process of inviting children into relationship with Jesus Christ connecting them to Christian community where they will be helped to grow in faith, equipping them to live out their faith.  As growing disciples children will be nurtured so that they can share their faith with others and be in service to Christ. 

In order to further this mission of Mt. Auburn, the core values of children’s discipleship are:  
1. Introduce children to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  
2.  Help children to become grounded in scripture, learning the books, and essential stories, learning how to use the Bible as a guide for their lives.
3.  Equipping children to be disciples, to pray, to read scripture daily, share their faith with others.  
4.  Affirm the importance and value of each child, as a child loved by God.  
5.  To facilitate children encouraging one another in the faith.

The purpose of the children’s discipleship is to equip children who identify themselves as disciples of Jesus Christ, who learn to pray with their whole hearts, and who use the Bible as a guide for their lives.
Reports to: Teams with the director of children’s worship – both report to the director of discipleship
Position Duties:  The director will give leadership in these areas:
1.     Supervise, direct and assist the Children’s Ministry Team in overall management of the ministries for children, birth through 5th grade at Mt. Auburn.
2.    Recruit, train and empower all Sunday School teachers, and all other children’s ministry volunteers.
3.    Direct the selection and evaluation of all materials and curriculum used with children supporting the Mission, Vision and Values of the church.
4.    Plan and execute annual church activities like (Promotion Sunday, Children’s Education Sunday, Teacher Recognition Sunday, 3rd grade Bible presentations, Palm Sunday Parade.   And with assistance of the director of children’s worship also develop Breakfast in Bethlehem, Advent/Christmas Event, Lent/Easter Event, and Vacation Bible School.
5.    Purchase and maintain equipment and supplies for the various programs.
6.    Develop and maintain appropriate safety and security guidelines for children’s programs including Mt. Auburn Child Protection Policy.
7.    Work with the Director of Finance to develop and manage the children’s ministry budget.
8.    Work with the director of children’s worship to develop alignment between Sunday School and JAM for deeper understanding of the Bible and enhance life application.
9.    Partner with Mt. Auburn Day Care by offering a weekly chapel to the 3s, 4s, Pre-K classes and provide a weekly Bible Club for the after school agers.  (Offering CYBC curriculum during the school year for grades 2-5; and a solid Bible learning experience for the K-1 kids.)
10.    Partner with Mt. Auburn Day Care to hire trained nursery personnel who will give consistent quality care to children from birth to two years of age.
11.    Partner with Mt. Auburn Day Care to hire trained personnel for planned non-Sunday morning child care that is in support of Mt. Auburn adult ministries such as Women’s day bible study and Choir practice.  Such needs 1 time needs will be determined a minimum of two weeks before the event and long term meetings such as choir practice are to provide consistent personnel as nearly as possible.  

General Staff Responsibilities 
-    The director will attend all staff meetings
-    The director shall communicate with the parish relations manager in a timely fashion all calendar events, arrange for meeting space, and secure needed equipment.
-    The director shall regularly submit articles for newsletter publication.
-    The director shall communicate at least quarterly with the parents of all children.

Time and Professional Requirements
The director of children’s discipleship shall be a salaried position figured at 20 hours per week. The position may be lay or clergy person who enjoys working with children and has an ability to relate to children and parents.This position requires a person of Christian Faith who has an ability to relate the meaning of the faith to children.This position requires a person who can form ministry teams and can plan effectively. This position requires a person who has excellent writing, verbal and organizational skills.  This position requires a working knowledge of computers and basic office equipment. A criminal background check and a Motor Vehicle Report are mandatory. Participation in the life of the congregation is expected.

Please send resume and cover letter to Brenda Reynolds, Operations Manager.



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