Churches of the Northwest District

Welcome to the Northwest District!

For your convenience, the pastor’s name associated with each local church is a link to their email address.


Akron United Methodist Church

121 N Mishawaka Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 6)

Akron IN 46910-9188


Pastor:  David Arnold 

Cluster: Valley


Ambia United Methodist Church

105 W Beach Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 217)

Ambia IN 47917-9502


Pastor:  Noel Whiteman

Cluster: Pine Creek


Anoka United Methodist Church

4890 E 300 S

(Mailing address: PO Box 209)

Logansport IN 46947-0209


Pastor:  TBD

Cluster: Lord’s Five


Armstrong Chapel United Methodist Church

7720 N Armstrong Chapel Road

West Lafayette IN 47906-8006

(Mailing address: 8846 N SR 55, Pine Village, 47975)


Pastor: Gene Ansell

Cluster: Pine Creek



Attica First United Methodist Church

200 E Jackson Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 64)

Attica IN 47918-1311


Pastor: Darlene DeHaai

Cluster: Wabash River


Battle Ground United Methodist Church

201 Tipton Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 302)

Battle Ground IN 47920


Pastor: Sheri Rohrer

Cluster: Clintippy


Beaver Dam United Methodist Church

9798 W 1000 S

Akron, IN 46910-9311


Pastor: Butch Troke

Cluster: Valley


Boswell United Methodist Church

303 N Center Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 332)

Boswell,  IN 447921-8516


Pastor: Noel Whiteman

Cluster:  Pine Creek


Bringhurst United Methodist Church

1468 S 10 W

Bringhurst, IN  46913-8217

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 24, Flora, IN  46929-0024


Pastor: Marilyn Sikes

Cluster: Carroll County Plus


Brook United Methodist Church

124 E Main St

(Mailing address: PO Box 214)

Brook IN   47922-8866


Pastor:  Evan Guse

Cluster:  Penta


Brookston United Methodist Church

206 E 4th St

(Mailing address: PO Box 216)

Brookston IN 47923-0216


Pastor:  Mindy Huffman

Cluster: BroRoStoBerry


Brown Street United Methodist Church

905 Brown Street

Lafayette, IN  47904-2509


Pastor: Ryan Traeger

Cluster: Greater Lafayette


Brushwood United Methodist Church

5474 W 200 N

Rensselaer, IN   47978-7431


Pastor: Hye Sook Kim 

Cluster: Brush-Rem-Rens-Wolct


Buck Creek United Methodist Church

4915 Ferret St.

(Mailing address: PO Box 157)

Buck Creek, IN  47924-0157


Pastor: Dwight Monical

Cluster: Clintippy


Bunker Hill United Methodist Church

100 E. Broadway

(Mailing address: PO Box 487)

Bunker Hill, IN  46914-0487


Pastor: Evan Strong 

Cluster: South Miami


Burket United Methodist Church

102 S Market Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 25)

Burket, IN  46508


Pastor: Gary Loy

Cluster:  Valley


Burlington United Methodist Church

113 W 10th St

(Mailing address: PO Box 216)

Burlington IN 46915-9118


Pastor: Mark Miller

Cluster: Carroll County Plus


Burton Richland Center United Methodist Church

6990 N 150 W

(Mailing address: PO Box 412)

Rochester, IN  46975-7647


Pastor:  LuAnn Cohn

Cluster: Small church Big hearts


Caley United Methodist Church

14475 E State Road 16

Royal Center, IN  46978-9510


Pastor: Adrienne Hinshaw 

Cluster: Pioneer Area


Camden United Methodist Church

214 Cemetary St.

(Mailing address:  PO Box 142)

Camden, IN  46917-4132


Pastor:  Larry Zehring 

Cluster: Carroll County Plus


Chili United Methodist Church

6643 N State Rd 19

Peru, IN  46970

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 143, Denver IN 46926)


Pastor:  Alan Ash 

Cluster: North Miami


Clymers United Methodist Church

4003 W County Rd 400S

Logansport IN  46970-8670


Pastor:  Carolyn DeWitt

Cluster: Pioneer Area


Colburn United Methodist Church

6806 Church Street

(Mailing address: 6934 Railroad St)

Lafayette, IN   47905-8316


Pastor:  Dan Gottschalk

Cluster: Clintippy


Congress Street United Methodist Church

2010 Congress St

Lafayette, IN   47905-1265


Pastor:  Rachel Metheny

Cluster: Greater Lafayette


Covington Salem United Methodist Church

1651 W Salem Church Road

Covington, IN  47932-8153

(Mailing address:  4747 W. 700 S., Frankfort, IN  46041)


Pastor: Stanley Hicks 

Cluster: Pine Creek


Cross Wind United Methodist Church

616 N St Rd 25

Logansport IN 46947-6678


Pastor: Nick Robinson

Cluster: Logansport


Culver Emmanuel United Methodist Church

401 S Main Street

Culver, IN   46511-1723


Pastor: TBD

Cluster: Small Church Big Hearts


Culver Poplar Grove United Methodist Church

15315 St Rd 10

(Mailing address: 15354 St Rd 10)

Culver IN  46511


Pastor:  Henry Sprunger

Cluster: Small Church Big Hearts


Dayton United Methodist Church

7201 Wesleyan Dr

(Mailing address: PO box 40)

Dayton IN 47941

Pastor: Mike Dominick

Cluster: Clintippy


Deedsville United Methodist Church

1332 W 1000 N

Deedsville IN   46921

(Mailing address: 10245 N 100 W, Macy IN 46951)


Pastor: Bill Babb

Cluster: North Miami


Delphi United Methodist Church

1796 N US Hwy 421

Delphi  IN  46923-1243


Pastor: Todd Ladd

Cluster: Clintippy


Ebenezer United Methodist Church

10978 N Meridian Road

(Mailing address: 1748 E 1100 N)

Macy, IN   46951-8039


Pastor:  Duane Kline 

Cluster:  North Miami


Fletchers Lake United Methodist Church

9870 S 475 W

(Mailing address: 6775 S 600 W

Kewanna IN 46939-8610


PastorDavid Sommers  

Cluster: Caston



Flora United Methodist Church

103 E Main St.

Flora, IN  46929-1356


Pastor:  Kevin Marsh

Cluster:  Carroll County Plus


Fowler United Methodist Church

908 E 12th St

(PO Box 98)

Fowler, IN   47944-0098


Pastor:  Matt Wallace

Cluster:  Brush-Rem-Rens-Wolct


Francesville United Methodist Church

100 N Salem St.

(Mailing address: PO Box 367)

Francesville, IN   47946-8100


Pastor:  Doug Thompson

Cluster:  Pulaski County


Fulton County Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church

11941 W 75 N

Kewanna IN 46939

(Mailing address: 5441 E 75 N, Winamac IN 46996)


Pastor: Steve Miller

Cluster:  Pioneer Area


Fulton United Methodist Church

501 N State Rd. 25

(Mailing address: PO Box 115)

Fulton, IN   46931


Pastor:  Roger Knebel

Cluster: Caston


Grass Creek United Methodist Church

7219 S. State Road 17

Kewanna, IN   46939-8678


Pastor:  David Sommers

Cluster:  Caston


Ijamsville United Methodist Church

35 Wabash Ave. N.

Ijamsville, IN   46962

(Mailing address:  309 S. Maple St., North Manchester, IN   46962)


Pastor:  Kent Harting

Cluster:  Fruitful and Fervent


Independence Riverview United Methodist Church

7763 E. 4th St.

Attica, IN   47918-7786


Pastor:  Daniel Jordan

Cluster:  Pine Creek


Jackson Heights United Methodist Church

6825 State Road 28 W.

Westpoint, IN   47992-9310


Pastor:  Chuck Tague

Cluster:  BroRoStoBerry


Judyville United Methodist Church

3880 W. 300 N.

Williamsport, IN   47993-8051

(Mailing address:  5666 W. 200 N.)


Pastor:  Hugh Rohrer

Cluster:  Pine Creek


Kentland Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

11233 S. 500 W.

Kentland, IN   47951-8563

(Mailing address:  417 N. Franklin St., Rensselaer, IN   47978)


Pastor: Chris Kosary 

Pastor: Jodi Kosary 

Cluster:  Penta


Kentland Trinity United Methodist Church

2775 W. 1500 S.

Kentland, IN   47951

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 24)


Pastor: Clint Fink

Cluster: Penta


Kewanna United Methodist Church

111 E. Pearl St.

Kewanna, IN   46939

(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 398)


Pastor: Harold Cohn

Pastor:  LuAnn Cohn

Cluster:  Calumet East


Kniman United Methodist Church

4887 W. 900 N.

Monon, IN   47959

(Mailing address:  511 Eastwood Dr., Lowell, IN   46356)


Pastor:  Dave Patterson

ClusterCommon Table


Kokomo Poplar Grove United Methodist Church

1150 W. 500 N.

Kokomo, IN   46901

(Mailing address: 726 W. County Rd.)


PastorJohn Newman

Cluster: Lord’s Five


Korean Disciples Church

1700 State Road 26 West

West Lafayette, IN   47906-4561


Pastor: Jongmin Lee

Cluster:  Greater Lafayette


Lafayette Christ United Methodist Church

3610 S. 18th St.

Lafayette, IN   47909-7364


Pastor: Scott Mann

Pastor:  Stephanie Hanslow

Cluster:  Greater Lafayette


Lafayette Grace United Methodist Church

615 N. 22nd St

Lafayette, IN   47904-2620


Pastor: Curtis Hunt

Pastor:  Ryan Traeger

Cluster:  Greater Lafayette


Lafayette Trinity United Methodist Church

404 N. 6th St.

Lafayette, IN   47901-1125


Pastor: Tracey Leslie

Cluster: Greater Lafayette


LaFontaine United Methodist Church

2 W. Kendall St.

LaFountaine, IN    46940

(Mailing address: P.O. Box 57)


Pastor: Susan Shambaugh

Cluster: Wabash County


Lagro United Methodist Church

1100 Main St.

Largo,  IN   46941-0156

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 156)


Pastor: Rick Borgman

Cluster: Wabash County


Lake Cicott United Methodist Church

8042 W. Church St.

Lake Cicott, IN   46942

(Mailing Address: PO Box 77)


Pastor:  Adam Speicher

Cluster: Pioneer Area


Leiters Ford United Methodist Church

Main SW Cor West St.

Leiters Ford, IN   46945

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 126)


Pastor Emily Gearhart

Cluster: Small Church Big Hearts


Lincolnville United Methodist Church

5848 E. 500 S.

Wabash, IN   46992-8572


Pastor: Lois Cannon

Cluster Wabash County


Locust Grove United Methodist Church

8263 N. 600 W.

Ambia, IN   47917-8010

(Mailing address:  1645 W. 850 N., Boswell, IN   47921-8014


Pastor: Chuck Anderson

Cluster: Pine Creek


Logansport First United Methodist Church

800 E. Broadway

Logansport, IN   46947-3135


Pastor: Beth Ann Cook

Cluster: Logansport


Logansport Main Street United Methodist Church

19 E. Main St.

Logansport, IN   46947-4845


Pastor: Colleen Harden

Cluster Logansport


Lucerne Zion United Methodist Church

307 W. State Road 16

Lucerne, IN   46950-9368

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 52)


Pastor: Tim Minnick

Cluster: Pioneer Area


McGrawsville United Methodist Church

9377 S. 300 E.

Amboy, IN   46911-9465


Pastor:  Bob Land

Cluster: South Miami


Medaryville United Methodist Church

132 N. Jefferson St.

Medaryville, IN   47957

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 335)


Pastor: Doug Thompson

Cluster: Pulaski County


Mentone United Methodist Church

116 E. Main St.

Mentone, IN   46539-7707

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 456)


Pastor: Jason Rice

Cluster: Valley


Mexico New Life United Methodist Church

3039 W. 400 N

Mexico, IN   46958

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 366)


Pastor: John Meunier

Cluster:  North Miami


Miami County Emmanuel United Methodist Church

14985 N. 500 E.

Roann, IN   46974-9257

(Mailing address:  5124 E. 1300 N.)


Pastor: TBD

ClusterNorth Miami


Miami County Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church

242 W. Pleasant Hill Rd.

Akron, IN   446910

(Mailing address: 5506 E. 1300 N., Roann, IN   46974)


PastorWayne Balmer

Cluster: North Miami


Monon United Methodist Church

501 N. Market St.

Monon, IN   47959-9741

(Mailing Address: PO Box 587)


Pastor: Russ Alley

Cluster: White County Plus


Monterey United Methodist Church

6155 E. Main St

Monterey, IN   46960-9297

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 126)


Pastor:  Emily Gearhart

Cluster:  Small Church Big Hearts


Monticello United Methodist Church

200 S. Main Street

Monticello, IN   47960-2330

(Mailing Address: PO Box 87)


Pastor:  Brian Beeks

Pastor:  Kelly Sellers

Cluster:  White County Plus


Morocco First United Methodist Church

203 S. Clay St.

Morocco, IN   47963-8283

(Mailing Address: PO Box 502)


Pastor: Wayne Williams

Cluster:  Penta


Mt Ayr United Methodist Church

104 N. Third St.

Mt. Ayr, IN   47964

(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 354)


Pastor: Wayne Williams

Cluster: Penta


Mt Gilboa United Methodist Church

8322 E. 300 N.

Fowler, IN   47944-8072


Pastor: Sue Spurlin

Cluster Brush-Rem-Rens-Wolct


Mt Hope United Methodist Church

7022 W. 700 N.

Culver, IN   46511-9385

(Mailing address:  6325 N. 675 W., Rochester, IN   446975)


Pastor:  Robert Metzger

Pastor: Cluster: Small Church Big Hearts


Mulberry United Methodist Church

206 Jefferson Rd.

Mulberry, IN   46058-2254

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 339)


Pastor:  Dan Helm

Cluster: BroRoStoBerry


New Waverly United Methodist Church

9990 E. Main St

New Waverly, IN   46961


Pastor: Chris Rife

Cluster Lord’s five


North Manchester United Methodist Church

306 E. 2nd St.

North Manchester, IN   46962-1648


Pastor:  Mark Eastway

Cluster:  Fruitful and Fervent


Otterbein United Methodist Church

405 E. Oxford St.

Otterbein, IN   47970-9706

(Mailing address: P.O. Box 156)


Pastor:  John Randall

Cluster: Pine Creek


Oxford United Methodist Church

215 S. Howard St.

Oxford, IN   47971

(Mailing address: P.O. Box 43)


Pastor: Cindy Haley

Cluster:  Brush-Rem-Rens-Wolct


Parkview United Methodist Church

1785 S. State Road 19

Peru, IN   46970-7430


Pastor: Bette Thompson

Cluster:  South Miami


Paw Paw United Methodist Church

7712 N. paw Paw Pike

Denver, IN   46926-9252

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 204)


Pastor: TBD

Cluster:  North Miami


Peru Erie United Methodist Church

2567 N. Paw Paw Pike

Peru, IN   46970-8343

(Mailing address:  1498 N. Paw Paw Pike)


PastorWarrell Law

Cluster: North Miami


Peru Main Street United Methodist Church

81 W. Main St.

Peru, IN   46970-2146


Pastor: Lauren Hall

Cluster: South Miami


Pine Village United Methodist Church

106 E. Church St.

Pine Village, IN   47975

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 90)


Pastor: Norm Nellis

Cluster:  Pine Creek


Radnor United Methodist Church

2696 S. 585 W.

Delphi, IN   46923-8895

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 301)


Pastor: Edwin Selvidge

Cluster: Carroll County Plus


Raub United Methodist Church

8404 N. State Road 71

Earl Park, IN   47942-8625


Pastor:  Chris Kosary

Pastor:  Jodi Kosary

Cluster: Penta


Remington United Methodist Church

21 S. Ohio St.

Remington, IN   47977-8667

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 36)


Pastor: Jeff Smith



Rensselaer Trinity United Methodist Church

107 E. Angelica St.

Rensselaer, IN   47978-2601


Pastor: John Hostetter

Cluster:  Brush-Rem-Rens-Wolct


Reynolds United Methodist Church

600 E. 2nd St.

Reynolds, IN   47980

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 155)


Pastor:  Nikki Rice

Cluster:  White County Plus


Richvalley United Methodist Church

290 N. Jefferson St.

Wabash, IN   46992-8422


Pastor: Bill Talbott

Cluster:  Wabash County


Roann United Methodist Church

5506 E. 1300 N.

Roann, IN   46974

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 157)


Pastor:  Wayne Balmer

Cluster Wabash County


Rochester Grace United Methodist Church

201 W. 7th St.

Rochester, IN   46975-1329


Pastor: Kerry O'Brien

Cluster:  Caston


Rochester Trinity United Methodist Church

801 Jefferson St.

Rochester, IN   46975-1535


Pastor:  TBD

Cluster:  Caston


Romney United Methodist Church

21 W. 1150 S.

Romney, IN   47981-9614

(Mailing address:  1632 E. 430 S., Lafayette, IN   47909-9103)


Pastor: Chuck Tague

Cluster:  BroRoStoBerry


Roselawn United Methodist Church

9762 N. Ahigrim

Roselawn, IN   46372

(Mailing address:   P.O. Box 119)


Pastor: GayLynn Dykman

Cluster:  Common Table


Rossville United Methodist Church

110 W. Main St.

Rossville, IN   46065-9404

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 568)


Pastor:  Bob Raschka



Royal Center United Methodist Church

210 S. Chicago St

Royal Center, IN   46978-7007

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 397)


Pastor: Joe Boggs

Pastor:  Branden Scott

Cluster:  Pioneer Area


Santa Anna United Methodist Church

20269 Nutmeg Rd.

Argos, IN   46501-9757

(Mailing address:  7410 State Road 17, Plymouth, IN   46563)


Pastor:  Henry Sprunger

Cluster:  Small Church Big Hearts


Santa Fe United Methodist Church

7621 S. State Road 19

Peru, IN   46970-7703

(Mailing address:  4806 E. 775 S.)


Pastor:  Tom Daugherty

Cluster:  South Miami


Silver Lake Center United Methodist Church

9470 S. State Road 15

Silver Lake, IN   46982-9320


PastorKent Harting

ClusterFruitful and Fervent


Somerset Woodlawn United Methodist Church

150 N. 2nd St.

Somerset, IN   46984

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 99)


Pastor: Ted Batson

Cluster:  Wabash County


South Pleasant United Methodist Church

5064 W. 1400 N.

North Manchester, IN   46962-8798


Pastor:  Russ Reahard

Cluster:  Fruitful and Fervent


Star City United Methodist Church

2347 E. Main St.

Star City, IN   4698-8952

(Mailing address:   P.O. Box 277)


Pastor: Tom Richards

Cluster:  Pulaski County


Stidham United Methodist Church

5300 S. 175 W.

Lafayette, IN   47909-8905


Pastor: Mike Dillon

Cluster:  Wabash River


Stockwell United Methodist Church

6941 Church St.

Stockwell, IN   47983

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 176)


Pastor: Mark Berg

Cluster: BroRoStoBerry


Tefft United Methodist Church

12603 N. 400 E.

Tefft, IN   46380

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 194, Wheatfield, IN   46392-0194)


Pastor: Dave Patterson

Cluster:  Common Table


Twelve Mile Bethlehem United Methodist Church

6688 E. 625 N.

Twelve Mile, IN   46988

(Mailing address:   P.O. Box 35)


Pastor: Adam Speicher

Cluster:  Caston


Wabash Bethel United Methodist Church

2438 N. 650 E.

Lagro, IN   46941

(Mailing address: 309 Rustic Lane, North Manchester, IN   46962)


Pastor: TBD

Cluster:  Fruitful and Fervent


Wabash Christ United Methodist Church

477 N. Wabash St.

Wabash, IN   46992-2724


Pastor:  Chris Tiedeman

Cluster: Wabash County


Wabash First United Methodist Church

110 N. Cass St.

Wabash, IN   46992-2440


Pastor: John Cook

Pastor:  Kurt Freeman

Cluster:  Wabash County


Wabash Salem United Methodist Church

700 N. 650 E.

Wabash, IN   46992

(Mailing address:  309 Rustic Ln., North Manchester, IN   46962)



Cluster:  Fruitful and Fervant


Walton United Methodist Church

503 N. Davis St.

Walton, IN   46994-9353

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 401)


Pastor: Carolyn DeWitt

Cluster:  Lord’s Five


Weaver Chapel United Methodist Church

4100 Jackson HWY

West Lafayette, IN   47906-5121

(Mailing address:  2243 N. 400 W.)


Pastor: Ernie Elder

Cluster: Wabash River


Webb Chapel United Methodist Church

2550 W. County Road 100 N.

Logansport, IN  46947-6993


Pastor:  Nate Eckert

Cluster Pioneer Area


West Lafayette First United Methodist Church

1700 State Road 26 West

West Lafayette, IN   47906-4561


Pastor:  Steve Bibb

Pastor:  Glen Robyne

Pastor:  Lana Robyne

Cluster:  Greater Lafayette


West Lafayette St Andrew United Methodist Church

4703 North 50 West

West Lafayette, IN   47906-9602


Pastor:  Chris Danielson

Pastor:  Joseph Seger

Cluster:  Greater Lafayette


West Point United Methodist Church

4923 Monroe St.

West Point, IN   47992

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 8)


Pastor:  Brenda Burnworth

Cluster:  Wabash River


Wheatland Avenue United Methodist Church

440 Wheatland Ave.

Logansport, IN   46947-2916


Pastor:  Bert Stover

Cluster:  Logansport


White Oak United Methodist Church

10009 E. 1000 N.

Monticello, IN   47960-7430

(Mailing address:  10663 E. 800 N., Idaville, IN   47950-8104)


Pastor:  Adrienne Hinshaw

Cluster:  Pioneer Area


Winamac First United Methodist Church

201 E. Sprint St.

Winamac, IN   46996-1304

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 343)


Pastor:  Dave Marty

Cluster:  Pulaski County


Wolcott United Methodist Church

301-305 S. Range St.

Wolcott, IN   47995

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 354)


Pastor: Jodi Kosary

Cluster:  White County Plus


Yeoman United Methodist Church

10892 W. 875 N.

Monticello, IN   47960-8195

(Mailing address:  P.O. Box 656)


Pastor:  TBD

Cluster:  White County Plus


Young America Center UMC

1475 E 1125 S

Galveston, IN   46932-8741


Pastor:  John Newman

Cluster:  Lord’s Five