Churches of the North District


Welcome to the North District!

20 Clusters              118 Churches                       127 Appointed Clergy

For your convenience, the pastor's name(s) associated with each local church is a link with their email address.


Argos United Methodist Church

570 N Michigan Street

Argos IN 46501


Pastor:  Heather Foley

Cluster: Begoria



Atwood Aldersgate United Methodist Church

105 E Hovey Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 93)

Atwood IN 46502

Pastor:   Mike Beezley

Cluster: Begoria



Atwood Otterbein United Methodist Church

225 E Hovey Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 98)

Atwood IN 46502


Pastor:  Jim Lawson

Cluster: Begoria



Bourbon First United Methodist Church

204 N Washington Street

Bourbon IN 46504


Pastor: Rob Seewald

Cluster: Begoria



Bremen Riverside United Methodist Church

5952 5th Rd

Bremen IN 46506

(Mailing address: C/O Gracie Marske,  217 N Oregon Ave, Osceola IN 46561)



Cluster: Begoria



Bremen United Methodist Church

302 W Plymouth Street

Bremen IN 46506


Pastor:  Scott Carmer

Cluster: Better Together



Bristol United Methodist Church

201 S Division Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 275, Bristol IN 46507-0275)

Bristol IN 46507


Pastor: Fred Stayton

Cluster: Focused Followers



Cedar Lake United Methodist Church

7124 W 137th Pl

Cedar Lake IN 46303


Pastor: Ken Puent

Cluster: John 3:17



Chesterton United Methodist Church

434 S 2nd Street

Chesterton IN 46304


Pastor:  Shannon Stringer

Pastor: Cathy Allison

Cluster:  Lake Effect



Church of the Four Seasons

9100 E 109th Avenue

Crown Point IN 46307


Pastor: Dan Richwine

Cluster: Mid-Lake



Claypool United Methodist Church

302 E Section Street

Claypool IN 46510


PastorMike Settles

Cluster: Warsaw



Clunette United Methodist Church

4311 W 600 N

Clunette IN 46582

(Mailing address: PO Box 87, Leesburg IN 46538)


Pastor: Mike Beezley

Cluster: Warsaw



Crown Point First United Methodist Church

352 S Main Street

Crown Point IN 46307


Pastor: Mark Wilkins

Pastor: Tom Shanahan

Cluster: Mid-Lake



Culver Wesley United Methodist Church

511 School Street

Culver IN 46511


Pastor:  Tom Harzula

Cluster: Marshall



DeMotte United Methodist Church

227 N Halleck Street

DeMotte IN 46310


Pastor: Ed van Wijk

Cluster: John 3:17



Door Village United Methodist Church

3502 W Joliet Road

La Porte IN 46350


Pastor:  Chris Tiedeman

Cluster: Wesley A-Team



Dyer United Methodist Church

2016 Church Street

Dyer IN 46311


Pastor:  Jim Clark

Cluster: Mid-Lake



Elkhart Bethel United Methodist Church

1200 N Michigan Street

Elkhart IN 46514


Pastor:  Keith McFarren

Cluster: Two Rivers



Elkhart Calvary United Methodist Church

2222 W Indiana Avenue

Elkhart IN 46516


Pastor: Jennifer Weaver

Cluster: Two Rivers



Elkhart Dunlap United Methodist Church

23674 US Highway 33

Elkhart IN 46517


Pastor:  Jerry Turner

Cluster:  Two Rivers



Elkhart Faith United Methodist Church

22045 CR 18

Goshen IN 46528


Pastor:  John Hogsett

Pastor: Melissa Englehart

Cluster: Focused Followers



Elkhart Hillcrest United Methodist Church

4206 E Bristol Street

Elkhart IN 46514


Pastor:Mike Butler

Cluster: Two Rivers



Elkhart Jamestown United Methodist Church

59218 CR 3

Elkhart IN 46517


Pastor: Steve Loft

Cluster: Two Rivers



Elkhart New Hope

28765 CR 4

Elkhart IN 46514


Pastor: Andy Martin

Cluster: Focused Followers


Elkhart Servant’s Heart

400 W Mishawaka Rd

Elkhart IN 46517

Pastor: Nancy Bennett




Elkhart St Paul’s United Methodist Church

405 W Beardsley Avenue

Elkhart IN 46514


Pastor: Tom DeFries

Cluster: Two Rivers



Elkhart Trinity United Methodist Church

2715 E Jackson Blvd

Elkhart IN 46516


Pastor: Tim Burchill

Pastor: Samuel Needham

Cluster: Two Rivers



Etna Green United Methodist Church

131 W Broadway

(Mailing address: PO Box 161)

Etna Green IN 46524


Pastor: Joseph Lampton

Cluster: Begoria



Gary Centennial United Methodist Church

779 Rhode Island Street

(Mailing address: PO Box 64629)

Gary IN 46401


Pastor: TBD

Cluster: Calumet East



Gary Christ United Methodist Church

201 W Ridge Road

Gary IN 46408


Pastor: G Thomas Jones

Cluster: Calumet East



Gary Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church

2600 W 5th Avenue

Gary IN 46404


Pastor: TBD

Cluster: Calumet East



Gary Marquette Park United Methodist Church

215 N Grand Blvd

Gary IN 46403


Pastor: Teri Crouse

Cluster: Calumet East



Goshen First United Methodist Church

214 S 5th Street (Downtown)

Goshen IN 46528


The Life Center

1212 W Plymouth Avenue

Goshen IN 46526

Pastor: Ed Fritz

Pastor: Brenda Fritz

Cluster:  Focused Followers



Goshen St Mark’s United Methodist Church

502 N Main Street

Goshen IN 46528


Pastor:  Susan Martin

Cluster:  Two Rivers



Granger Community United Methodist Church

630 University Drive E (Granger Campus)

Granger IN 46530


RV Hall of Fame   (Elkhart Campus)

PastorMark Beeson

Cluster: Servants of Hope



Granger Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

51521 Elm Road

Granger IN 46530


Pastor:  Kathy Barba Pierce

Cluster:  Servants of Hope



Granger New Salem United Methodist Church

52173 Ash Road

Granger IN 46530


Pastor: Michael Jenkins

Cluster: Two Rivers



Griffith First United Methodist Church

400 W 44th Place

Griffith IN 46319


Pastor:  Tim Powers

ClusterCalumet West



Grovertown United Methodist Church

Elm & Ohio Streets

Grovertown IN 46531

(Mailing Address: PO Box 5, Hamlet 46532-0005)


Pastor:  Pam Pask

Cluster:  Trailblazers



Hamlet United Methodist Church

506 Pearl Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 5)

Hamlet IN 46532


Pastor:  Pam Pask

Cluster: Trailblazers



Hammond First United Methodist Church

6635 Hohman Avenue

Hammond IN 46324


Pastor:  Mary van Wijk

Pastor:  Donna Beifuss

Cluster:  Calumet West



Hammond Hyde Park United Methodist Church

6348 Harrison Avenue

Hammond IN 46324


Pastor:  Pete Ward

Cluster:  Calumet West



Hammond Woodmar United Methodist Church

7320 Northcote Avenue

Hammond IN 46324


Pastor:  Alex Stone

Cluster:  Calumet West



Hanna United Methodist Church

101 W Hopper Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 2)

Hanna IN 46340


Pastor:  Darren Williams

Cluster EPIC



Hebron Salem United Methodist Church

753 W 350 S

Hebron IN 46341


Pastor:  Sheri LoCascio

Cluster:  John 3:17



Hebron United Methodist Church

202 W Church Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 96)

Hebron IN 46341


Pastor:  Ed Fisher

Cluster:  John 3:17



Hobart First United Methodist Church

654 E 4th Street

(Mailing Address: 650 E 4th Street)

Hobart IN 46342


Pastor: Rebecca Lynn Smith

Cluster: Calumet East



Hobart Michigan Avenue United Methodist Church

116 N Michigan Avenue

(Mailing Address: 1345 State Street)

Hobart IN 46342

No Phone

Pastor: Mike Cover

Cluster:  Calumet East



Hobart Trinity United Methodist Church

3561 Randolph Street

Hobart IN 46342


Pastor:  Mike Cover

Cluster Calumet East



Inwood United Methodist Church

11211 Hawthorn Road

Inwood IN 46563

(Mailing address: C/O Gracie Marske, 217 N Oregon Ave, Osceola IN 46561)


Cluster: Begoria



Knox United Methodist Church

201 S Shield Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 145)

Knox IN 46534


Pastor: Dean Fager

Cluster:  Trailblazers



La Crosse United Methodist Church

11 N Indiana Avenue

(Mailing Address: PO Box 329)

La Crosse IN 46348


Pastor: Randy Schrock

Cluster:  EPIC



Lakeville United Methodist Church

610 N Michigan Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 24)

Lakeville IN 46536


Pastor: Brian C White

Cluster: Spirit Creek



Lambs Chapel United Methodist Church

6006 Fail Road

La Porte IN 46350


Pastor: Jay Loucks

Pastor: Lynn Breeden

Cluster: Wesley A-Team


La Porte First United Methodist Church

1225 Michigan Avenue

La Porte IN 46350


Pastor: Bob Vale

Cluster: Wesley A-Team



Leesburg United Methodist Church

111 W Prairie Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 175)

Leesburg IN 46538


Pastor:  Rob Seewald

Cluster: Warsaw



Lowell First United Methodist Church

520 E Commercial Avenue

Lowell IN 46356


Pastor: Rick Jones

Cluster: John 3:17



Lydick United Methodist Church

26510 Edison Road

South Bend IN 46628


Pastor: Jungbum Kim




Michigan City First United Methodist Church

121 E 7th Street

Michigan City IN 46360


Pastor:  Gwen Roberts  

Cluster: Wesley A-Team



Middlebury First United Methodist Church

301 S Main Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 347)

Middlebury IN 46540


Pastor: Ron Russell

Cluster: Focused Followers



Milford United Methodist Church

Corner of King and Spring Streets

(Mailing Address: PO Box 599)

Milford IN 46542


Pastor: Rob Nelson

ClusterThe Lakes



Mishawaka Albright United Methodist Church

504 W Mishawaka Avenue

Mishawaka IN 46545


Pastor: Mark Brock

Cluster: Mishawaka’s Finest



Mishawaka Coalbush United Methodist Church

15977 Jackson Road

Mishawaka IN 46544


Pastor: Amber Karkosky-Litten

Cluster: Mishawaka’s Finest



Mishawaka East United Methodist Church

1621 E 3rd Street

Mishawaka IN 46544


Pastor: Scott Taylor

Cluster: Mishawaka’s Finest



Mishawaka First United Methodist Church

201 E 3rd Street

Mishawka IN 46544


Pastor: Rick Taylor

Pastor: Carolyn Kern

Cluster: Mishawaka’s Finest



Mishawaka Willow Creek United Methodist Church

14010 Jefferson Boulevard

Mishawaka IN 46545


Pastor: Kathy Miller Kubinski

Cluster:  Mishawaka’s Finest



Munster Ridge United Methodist Church

8607 Columbia Avenue

Munster IN 46321


Pastor: Michelle Knight

Cluster Mid-Lake



Nappanee United Methodist Church

301 E Market Street

Nappanee IN 46550


Pastor:  Jim Davidson  

Cluster: Better Together



New Carlisle Maple Grove United Methodist Church

6655 E 1000 N

New Carlisle IN 46552


Pastor: TBD

Cluster: Wesley A-Team



New Carlisle United Methodist Church

300 Compton Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 136)

New Carlisle IN 46552


Pastor: Kalvin Morrison

Cluster: Wesley A-Team



New Day Community United Methodist Church

A United Methodist Church Without Walls

Merrillville IN 46401

(Mailing Address: PO Box 14299

Merrillville IN 46411)


Pastor:  Jared Jennette

Cluster:  Mid-Lake



New Paris Grace United Methodist Church

68407 Main Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 25)

New Paris IN 46553


Pastor: Rob Nelson

Cluster:  The Lakes



North Judson United Methodist Church

210 Central Avenue

North Judson IN 46366


Pastor: Kevin Wrigley

Cluster:  Trailblazers



North Liberty United Methodist Church

103 S Main Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 904)

North Liberty IN 46554


Pastor: Trent Prieshoff

Cluster:  Spirit Creek



North Webster United Methodist Church

7822 Epworth Forest Road

(Mailing Address: PO Box 282)

North Webster IN 46555

Pastor: Byron Kaiser

Pastor: Deanna Strombeck

Cluster: The Lakes



Osceola United Methodist Church

431 N Beech Road

Osceola IN 46561


Pastor: Craig Duke

Cluster Mishawaka’s Finest



Plymouth First United Methodist Church

400 N Michigan Street

Plymouth IN 46563


Pastor: Toni Carmer

Pastor: Cluster: Marshall



Plymouth Trinity United Methodist Church

425 S Michigan Street

Plymouth IN 46563


Pastor:  Bob Land

Cluster: Marshall



Portage First United Methodist Church

2637 McCool Road

Portage IN 46368


Pastor: Mark Dicken

Pastor: Debbie Rousselle

ClusterLake Effect



Porter United Methodist Church

100 E Beam Street

Porter IN 46304


Pastor: Deborah Miller

Cluster:  Lake Effect



Pretty Lake Trinity United Methodist Church

8985 State Road 17

(Mailing Address: PO Box 266)

Plymouth IN 46563


Pastor:  Tami Boggs

Cluster: Marshall



Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church

3444 E US Highway 20

(Mailing Address: PO Box 187)

Rolling Prairie IN 46371

Pastor: Debbie Beason

Cluster:  Wesley A-Team



Salem Chapel United Methodist Church

2802 E State Road 4

La Porte IN 46350


Pastor: Brian K White

Cluster:  Wesley A-Team



Solomon Creek United Methodist Church

15051 County Road 146

Syracuse IN 46567


Pastor: Glenda Woodcox

Cluster:  The Lakes



South Bend Broadway United Methodist Church

1412 Carroll Street

South Bend IN 46613


Pastor: Bette Thompson

Cluster:  Alive



South Bend Clay United Methodist Church

52866 Ironwood Road (Clay North)

South Bend IN 46635

Firehouse Youth Center

17646 Cleveland Road

South Bend IN 46635


Pastor: Brian Durand

Pastor: Cindy Uhrich

Cluster: Methodists in Service to South Bend



South Bend Epworth United Methodist Church

2404 Lincoln Way W

South Bend IN 46628


Pastor: Jim Denton

Cluster:  Servants of Hope



South Bend Evangel Heights United Methodist Church

114 N Ironwood Drive

South Bend IN 46615


Pastor:  Pat Somers

Deaconess: Penny Krug

Cluster:  Servants of Hope



South Bend Faith United Methodist Church

802 E Ewing Avenue

South Bend IN 46613


Pastor:  Larry Chrisman




South Bend First United Methodist Church

333 N Main Street

South Bend IN 46601


PastorMary Hubbard

Pastor: Warren Kirkwood

ClusterMethodists in Service to South Bend



South Bend Grace United Methodist Church

3012 S Twyckenham Drive

South Bend IN 46614


Pastor: Dave Schrader

Cluster:  Methodists in Service to South Bend



South Bend Immanuel United Methodist Church

1211 W Ewing Avenue

South Bend IN 46613


Pastor:  Paul Anderson

Cluster:  Alive



South Bend Maple Grove United Methodist Church

22019 New Road

South Bend IN 46614



Cluster:  Spirit Creek



South Bend Monson Community United Methodist Church

24172 State Road 2

South Bend IN 46619

(Mailing address: PO Box 1474

Granger IN 46530)

South Bend IN 46619


Pastor: Tim Aydelotte




South Bend Northwest United Methodist Church

21855 Brick Road

South Bend IN 46628


Pastor: Vickie Van Nevel

ClusterMethodists in Service to South Bend



South Bend River Park United Methodist Church

920 S 23rd Street

South Bend IN 46615


Pastor:  Shar Kobb

Cluster:  Servants of Hope



South Bend Southlawn United Methodist Church

60756 US 31 S

(Mailing address: PO Box 10043)

South Bend IN 46680


Pastor:  Darrel Weaver

Cluster:  Alive



South Bend St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

1001 W Colfax Avenue

South Bend IN 46616


Pastor:  Tom Thews

Cluster:  Servants of Hope



Sumption Prairie United Methodist Church

24535 Roosevelt Road

South Bend IN 46614


Pastor:  Trent Prieshoff

ClusterSpirit Creek



Syracuse Calvary United Methodist Church

801 S Huntington Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 9)

Syracuse IN 46567


Pastor:  David Henry

Cluster:  The Lakes



Syracuse St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church

1413 N Long Drive

Syracuse IN 46567


Pastor:  Ed Beedle

Pastor:  Michael Neff

Cluster:  The Lakes



Teegarden United Methodist Church

896 N Queen Road

Walkerton IN 46574

(Mailing Address: 211 N Main Street

North Liberty IN 46554)


Pastor:  Tim Davis

Cluster:  Spirit Creek


Torre Fuerte / Strong Tower United Methodist Church

3801 Deodar St

East Chicago IN  46312  


Pastor:  Suri Becerra

Pastor:  Esequiel Becerra



Tracy United Methodist Church

1702 E US Highway 6 and 35

Hamlet IN 46532


Pastor:  Ann Dill




Tyner United Methodist Church

4th and French Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 36)

Tyner IN 46572


Pastor: Denny Soule

Cluster:  Marshall



Valparaiso First United Methodist Church

103 Franklin Street

Valparaiso IN 46383


Pastor:  Jacob Williams

Pastor:  Lowell Black

Cluster:  Lake Effect



Valparaiso New Song Fellowship United Methodist Church

212 Lincolnway, Suite 202

Valparaiso IN 46383


Pastor: Kurt Nichols

Cluster:  Lake Effect



Wakarusa United Methodist Church

309 S Elkhart Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 414)

Wakarusa IN 46573


Pastor: Ed Geleske

Cluster:  Better Together



Walkerton United Methodist Church

1000 Georgia Street

Walkerton IN 46574


Pastor: Perry Richards

Cluster: Spirit Creek



Wanatah Faith United Methodist Church

15555 S 900 W

Wanatah IN 46390


Pastor: Nici Moorehead

Cluster:  EPIC



Warsaw Celebration United Methodist Church

1289 S 250 E

Winona Lake IN 46590


Pastor: Cindy Gackenheimer

Cluster:  Warsaw



Warsaw First United Methodist Church

179 S Indiana Street

Warsaw IN 46580


The Connection

1692 W Lake

Pastor:  Mark Need

Cluster:  Warsaw



Warsaw Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church

2943 E 400 S

Warsaw IN 46580


Pastor: Becky Conelley

Pastor: Bob Conelley

Cluster:  Warsaw



Warsaw Trinity United Methodist Church

832 E Center Street

Warsaw IN 46580


Pastor:  Ernie Troxell

Cluster: Warsaw



Warsaw Walnut Creek United Methodist Church

2033 S 150 W

Warsaw IN 46580


Pastor: Greg Hiatt

Cluster:  Warsaw



Westville United Methodist Church

154 S Main Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 619)

Westville IN 46391


Pastor:  Catherine Clayton

Cluster:  Lake Effect



Wheeler United Methodist Church

307 North Street

(Mailing Address: PO Box 113)

Wheeler IN 46393


Pastor: Dave Banning

Cluster:  Lake Effect



Whiting United Methodist Church

1920 Clark Street

Whiting IN 46394


Pastor: Pete Ward

Cluster: Calumet West


Other Affiliated Appointments


Chesterton Fire Department

702 Broadway

Chesterton IN 46304

Chaplain: Lowell Black



Hamilton Grove Communities, Inc.

31869 Chicago Trail

New Carlisle IN 46552


PastorCatherine Clayton



Extension Ministry


Larry Whitehead

District Superintendent

North District, Indiana Conference

The United Methodist Church

PO Box 878

Plymouth IN 46563-0878



Norm Glassburn

Associate District Superintendent

North District, Indiana Conference

PO Box 878

Plymouth IN 46563-0878



Paul Arnold

Associate District Superintendent

North District, Indiana Conference

PO Box 878

Plymouth IN 46563-0878



Gregory Hinkle

Executive Director, The Samaritan Center

221 E Crawford Street

Elkhart IN 46514




Bob Coolman

Director, Operation Classroom


Stephen Whitehead

Director, Greater Chicago Food Depository

4529 S Tripp Avenue

Chicago IL 46360