Children, Youth and Family Ministry

What is Family Ministry?

Family ministry is not a new program or a simple adjustment of existing programming. It is a complete change in the culture of how we make, connect and nurture young disciples of Jesus Christ. Appropriate age level programming continues to exist, but special focus is given to make sure every child and their parents are connected to the family of God that exists within their local church. It is all about connecting people to Jesus through personal relationships that nurture faith development. Imagine with me the possibilities… 

  • All generations – young and old – working together to grow in their faith.
  • A focus on mentoring and reverse mentoring.
  • A church calendar that truly connects people.
  • A ministry plan that equips and empowers children and youth to be leaders and learners in the local church.
  • A safe setting for all generations to come together to serve God in the community and world.
  • A connection to the Church (not just your church) that lasts a lifetime

Can you imagine the impact this would have on your church – on The Church? We are excited and committed to walk alongside INUMC leaders to transform the way we reach, equip and connect all generations for Jesus!