Charge Conference Information

North Central District

Charge Conference

Sunday, November 5, 2017

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Noblesville High School, 

18111 Cumberland Road, Noblesville


Information for Charge Conference Reporting

Charge Conference Training Document


Charge Conference Form Deadlines

The District Center is asking that the forms (charge conference and parsonage inspection form) be received no later than Monday, October 9 and signature pages be submitted no later than Monday, October 30.  No paperwork will be handled at the District Conference on November 5.  There are to be four persons present at the charge conferences in addition to the pastor. 

Please note the items in red below because it is new information. 

Access to Charge Conference Forms 

Pastors - Charge Conference forms may be accessed directly by clicking here, enter your Conference email address and hit "Forgot Password."

You may also access the charge conference forms through the Conference portal which information was sent to you for the clergy assessment. 
(This online portal and password may be used to access Charge Conference forms and the Clergy Assessment.)

If someone other than the pastor fills out the charge conference forms online (such as charge conference secretary, church secretary, etc.), the pastor will need to put them in as a new user and the person will need to access the forms by going
here, they enter their email address and hit "Forgot Password." 


If your church has a parsonage, you will need to submit the Parsonage Inspection (Pastor/Church Agreement Parsonage Condition) form.  Annual Parsonage Inspection is addressed in the Book of Discipline, ¶258.2.g.16.  You may complete the inspection and air quality test at any time of the year. Your charge conference reports require the date of your annual parsonage inspection (every year) and air quality test (every other year).  You may use the air quality test kits which may be purchased from Lowe’s.

Please be sure that room measures are listed on the form. The parsonage inspection form is to be submitted at the same time as your charge conference reports.  We need a parsonage inspection form even if the parsonage is rented.  Charge conference forms will not be approved, until the inspection form is received by the District Center, if you have a parsonage.

2018 Clergy Compensation

  • Minimum salary for full-time Elders and Deacons appointed for 2018 is $42,121.
  • Minimum salary for full-time Associate and Probationary Members and Other Fellow appointed for 2018 is $40,717.
  • Minimum salary for full-time Local Pastors appointed for 2018 is $38,611.

Merit/Performance Recommendation:

  • Poor - No Increase
  • Fair - .50-1.50%
  • Good - 1.51-3.00%
  • Excellent – 3.01-4.50%

The recommended cost of living increase for 2018 is 2.3%.


The General Board of Pensions has changed their name to Wespath Benefits and Investments.  The Before/After Tax form or UMPIP form has been replaced with the “Contribution Election” form.  The “Billing Change Form” is no longer needed.  If you participate in UMPIP, please submit the “Contribution Election” form to Sherry Austin, at the Conference Center, 301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46280.

Membership Report

Count those persons from January 1, 2017 to the date you submit your charge conference forms.

Trustee Report

  • The church and parsonage(s), if applicable, need to be listed under "Property Titles” and any other property the church may own.
  • The custodian of the deeds and legal documents should be the name of a Trustee.  The documents should be off premises in a fire-proof box, preferable in a bank safety deposit box.  If this is not indicated on the form that the documents are off premises and in a fire proof safe, the forms will not be approved.

 2018 Leadership Directory

  • Family members should not serve in the following offices:  treasurer, financial secretary, and finance committee chairperson.
  • The treasurer, finance chairperson, and finance secretary should not be the same person.
  • The Staff/Parish chairperson and treasurer should not be the same or of the same family.
  • The Council chairperson, finance chairperson, financial secretary, treasurer, and Staff/Parish chairperson should not be the same person or from the same household.
  • Please be sure to include email addresses, especially for Lay Leaders and SPRC chairs.