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The Certified Lay Minister (CLM) is a position that was created by the 2004 session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church. It is a position designed to enhance the quality of ministry and ability of small membership churches, team ministry in larger membership churches, and ministry in other community settings to meet the spiritual and temporal needs of a constantly changing world. (Paragraph 268, 2016 Book of Discipline, United Methodist Church)  

If you have questions about the CLM program, please feel free to contact Darlene White, Conference Assistant for Leadership Development, for more information at darlene.white@inumc.org  or 317-924-1321. 

Those individuals who are interested can begin working through steps 1 - 2 below in order to be ready for certification in the CLM Academy.  Training resources include class sessions, a wide variety of reading and viewing materials, and on-going support from instructors, clergy persons, and local church members.  Please contact your District Director of Lay Servant Ministries or your District Office for information on when and where trainings are taking place through the Lay Servant Academy.  You may also take many of the classes for Certified Lay Speaker through www.beadisciple.com.  Please notify your District Director of Lay Servant Ministries of your completion of this course and request a certificate be sent to them by Be A Disciple.  

Steps to Certification

STEP 1 – Certified Lay Servant  BOD 266

STEP 2 –  Certified Lay Speaker  BOD 267

STEP 3 – Attend Certified Lay Minister Academy with Recommendation of Pastor and Administrative Council/ or Charge Conference

STEP 4 -  Meeting with District Committee on Ministry (dCOM) to Finalize Certification

STEP 5 - Conditional Assignment to congregation 



The Indiana Conference is unable to recognize the completion of CLM Modules on BeADisciple. While BeADisciple is a fantastic resource, the CLM process the Indiana Conference has established requires in-person training with instructors at the Conference Center. More information about the CLM process can be found in the Application and Handbook link below.


There are two sets of dates for CLM Courses:

Spring CLM

February 10, 2018: CLM Orientation

April 13-14, 2018: CLM Academy


Fall CLM

August 25th, 2018: CLM Orientation

October 3-4, 2018: CLM Academy

Both Orientation and Academy must be attended for completion. All Courses are held centrally at the Conference Center. 



District Directors of Lay Servant Ministries


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