Called to Be a Church Planter?

The first step in determining whether God has called you to start a new faith community involves discernment. That process includes self-reflection, as well as input from others who know about planting and also know you. If you think God may be calling you to a ministry of church planting, take the following assessments and send the results to Ed Fenstermacher (, Emily Reece (, or Sergio Reyes (; Por favor enviar sólo los resultados españoles. Gracias).

Initial Church Planting Assessment (Spanish version also available)

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (Spanish version also available)

APEST Assessment (based on Ephesians 4)

MBTI Personality Inventory  

After taking these initial assessments, you may decide to continue exploring church multiplication. Periodically, we offer training called "Starting New Faith Communities: Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting," which introduces participants to how we approach starting new churches in the Indiana Conference. We also cover some basic church multiplication concepts and explore the "why" behind starting new communities of faith. Watch for information about the next session, coming soon.

If have questions, please contact Ed Fenstermacher or Emily Reece

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