Building Discipleship Centers Commence Construction at Epworth Forest Center



if the image above shows a "connection failure" or "missing camera", please check back soon. We are currently fighting with internet connectivity at Epworth that is causing the camera to temporarily disappear often. We are working some possible solutions.


It is a somber but meaningful moment that is upon us. Buildings like this are made of wood, concrete, carpet, chairs, paint, and wires…but this place, it is something so much more to hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers.

This building is a sacred space, a sanctuary, a kneeling rail, a launch pad, a monument, a foundation, a staple, a spiritual home, a house of praise, a place for community, a space to listen, a place to hear, a vehicle that led to submission and redemption in Christ…

These walls absorbed nearly a hundred years of prayers, a trillion tears, and carried the knees of worshippers seeking to know and find hope in Christ…

A new century is about to begin at Epworth and it is time for a new laborer to strongly lift up this and the next generation. As we lean into the future, the past gives way to a new root…a new foundation.

Let us not mourn this loss. Let us celebrate the infinite victories that occurred here. Those triumphs and transformations through Christ won’t fade as the Epworth Auditorium disappears; Christ’s work is not a vapor. Those lives lean forward, they carry the cross from this place, they bring hope and light into communities around the world. This building was a clay jar through which the Living God became realized.

As you watch the progress of this space, please say a prayer for the seeds that have been planted and the many lives who already pursue their ministry in life. Please say a prayer for the many who have yet to walk through new doors into the future to carry Hope onward.

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