This video promotes HealthFlex Annual Election, including the all-new ALEX Benefits Counselor—a decision-support tool to help participants to:   

  • Review and compare HealthFlex plans. For participants who have a choice of plans, ALEX helps identify which plan might cost the least based on their unique circumstances; and
  • Estimate reimbursement account contributions and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Multiple documents and resources are available for participants on the HealthFlex/WebMD website, including FAQs, fact sheets, reimbursement accounts information, decision support tools (including ALEX Benefits Counselor) and much more. You are encouraged to browse the website (“Details and FAQs,” “HealthFlex Plan Benefits,” and “Consumer Tools”) for helpful information about their health and well-being benefits.

MDLIVE Telemedicine

Ever need to see your doctor but can't get an appointment, don't have time to get to the office, need help after hours or don't fee well enough to go out?

Healthflex Now Partners with MDLIVE 

Providing 24/7 access to state-licensed, board certified doctors via phone, secure video o an easy to use MDLIVE app.  MDLIVE doctors can diagnose symptoms, prescribe medications, and send prescriptions directly to your pharmacy or choice when appropriate.

MDLIVE can make sense for common non-emergency conditions any time you cannot get in to see your regular provider.  It may be a cost-effective alternative to urgent care of the emergency room for non-emergency conditions.

Be ready before you need it by activating your MDLIVE account now.

Welcome to MDLIVE




Wespath has implemented an enhancement to the single sign on (SSO) from WebMD to Blue Cross Blue Shield today. It now uses a more modern technology, which should bolster security (not that it was lacking before). Because the SSO will point to a new “website” (that looks the same as the old one), participants will need to re-register and accept new terms and conditions.  Information needed to register includes: Name, Birthdate, and Identification number (not including “GBH”) and the Group Number from their medical ID card. 



For 2018, Indiana Conference offers three health plan options.  

If you are happy with your current benefit elections, you do not have to make any changes, it will default to what you currently have.  This is the only time you have to make changes to your elections outside the special enrollment periods where you experience a qualifying life event. 


  • All contributions to FSA, HRA or HSA will not automatically roll-over, you will need to make your elections for the amount of money you would like to contribute to a reimbursement account through your Healthflex WebMD  during the election period.  (compare accounts here)
  • All current HealthFlex participants will receive their open enrollment brochure from Wespath Benefits and Investments during the month of October.
  • HealthFlex offers you more plan choices—and provides supports to guide you through the decision-making process. Take advantage of these resources to select the HealthFlex options that best fit your needs. (resource)

HealthFlex Notice of Privacy Practices

Wespath Benefits and Investments

  • All participants should log onto their HealthFlex WebMd to view their health benefit elections.  


Benefit Plan Options &  Wellness Incentives

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