Art Fair

Art Fair ‘Changing the World with the Gift of Art’ new to annual conference

God has blessed us all with our own unique gifts, talents and passions. How do we use these gifts to change the world? We may feel that art is not our “gift,” but we all have the passion to share this amazing gift with many.

A group of Indiana artists will come together to share how they have used their art as a service to all God’s people, while growing their own passion. From a local artist that teaches art in our prison system and allows the inmates to express their deep emotions , to an artist that recycles old advertising banners and creates amazing items that just warm your heart.

Art therapy is a tool well integrated in our school system and we have a few stories to share about this powerful teaching tool from schools that treasure this therapy.

The artists will personally be at the Indiana Annual Conference Session to share their art form and how they have creatively used this to serve and share God’s love. If you are interested in displaying and sharing your gifts, contact Margo Ward by email at or by phone at 317-432-7505.

As you might remember, instead of the acoustical stage in Hall J, we will have an art fair called “Changing the World with the Gift of Art.”