Academy of Young Preachers


The Academy of Preachers (AoP) is a national, trans-denominational initiative with a mission to identify, network, support and inspire young people in their call to gospel preaching. The Academy of Preachers is undergirded by the conviction that gospel preaching is a vocation of enormous social and spiritual significant worthy of the very best and brightest young people. A recent Carnegie study concluded: “It has never been more evident that public as well as private life in America is powerfully shaped by traditions of faith commitments and religious observance…Clergy play a central, though unofficial, role in many aspects of national life.”

There are many AoP endeavors: including preaching camps and retreats, the Gospel Catalyst Program, gospel slams, social media endeavors, Founding and National Partners, and beginning this year, AoP Chapter.

For more information about Academy of Preachers, please visit

Indiana AoP Chapter

The Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church seeks to develop a cyber-chapter of AoP that will help to DISCOVER, DEVELOP and DEPLOY fruitful young adult leaders. All gatherings will be held online, expect the annual Chapter retreat each May.

Festival of Next Generation Preachers

This even is held during the Indiana UMC Annual Conference each year. To attend the festival as an observer, please register through the Annual Conference Session registration. There is no fee to attend the festival as an observer.

The Festival of Next Generation Preachers at Annual Conference showcases and encourages young people (14-28 years old) who are and aspire to be preachers of the Gospel.