An Order of Commissioning for 2012 Indiana Annual Conference Session Members

Pastor to Congregation:

Sisters and brothers in Christ:

Those lay and clergy members who attend our Annual Conference Session are called to serve in ministry as those called to guide the church through decision making and by being equipped, inspired and transformed. Through the power of the Holy Spirit they will return to help our congregations grow in their effectiveness in making disciples of Jesus Christ who will transform the world in which we live.

These persons before us are preparing for the upcoming Indiana Annual Conference Session from June 7-9 in Indianapolis whose focus is on Making Room for new people in our churches including new leaders and those who may be different from us.

Lay leader (or other leader not attending) to members:

And so we now ask you:

Will you be faithful to your calling to make sound decisions for the good of our conference, congregational and extension ministries through preparation by reading the reports and praying daily for those attending?

Members: By God’s grace, we will.

Will you commit to being faithful in your service by attending each session and to being equipped, inspired and transformed to make room for others in your community of faith?

Members: By God’s grace, we will.

Will you commit to being in prayer daily during the Indiana Annual Conference for the Bishop and all those who will be leading this Annual Conference?

Members: By God’s grace, we will.

Will you commit to sharing what you have learned at this Annual Conference with your community of faith upon your return?

Members: By God’s grace, we will.

Leader to Congregation:

Will you who witness the commitments these persons are making pledge to support and uphold them in their ministry of service to the Indiana Annual Conference?

By God’s grace, we will.

The leader invites the congregation to extend hands toward the members in prayer and blessing.

The Spirit of God is in our midst and is moving in power among us.

Let us pray.

Gracious God,
we give you thanks for these your servants, (First Names)
and for their willingness to give themselves in service to you through our 2012 Indiana Annual Conference Session.
By your Spirit, make them humble in listening, wise in understanding, diligent in attendance,
and bold in asking that your will may be known and done in their lives and in the life of your church,
for the glory of Jesus Christ,
in whom we pray, Amen.

The service may proceed with the sharing of the peace of Christ.

Adapted from An Order of Commissioning for General Conference Prayer Teams, Tom Albin and Taylor Burton-Edwards

PDF of Order of Commissioning