Africa University Success Stories

The ministry of Africa University continues to shape and transform the lives of students from across the vast continent. Here are some to their thoughts on how beneficial AU has been in their lives:


Adeline Itzue and fellow classmates after their graduation from Africa University.


Urcile Kaj A Kanz

Democratic Republic of Congo


Scholarship support from 2014 to 2016:

Prior to graduation, Urcile Kanz spoke about her hopes for herself and her family after completing her bachelor’s degree in Health Services Management at Africa University:

My dream is to become a manager in a hospital in my country, to help in fighting poverty, and to try to educate women in Africa. I would like to become a health minister.


I want to finish my studies and take care of my brothers and sisters; to stop disturbing others by asking for money, and to help poor children as you are doing for me. Thank you so much. I am really grateful.


Diana Munetsi


Thank you for the financial assistance that helped me in completing my B.Sc. degree in Economics at Africa University. I am an orphan who grew up under the care and custodianship of a guardian. The scholarship enabled me to complete my studies when my guardian failed to provide for my fees. Thank you for helping me to be able to provide for myself, and to also extend a hand to others in need.


God bless you.



Clemantine Uwineza



Thank you for sponsoring my studies at Africa University.


I am a girl, aged 22, from Rwanda. I am honored to express my gratitude (to you) for sponsoring my studies at Africa University from first year until now.


My parents could not afford supporting my studies as far as I have attained. They are refugees and have no source of income which would support my education. It is by the grace of the Lord that you sponsored me...It has really blessed my family since I am the first college graduate.


Having completed my degree program, I now have skills that are crucial to my life and to the whole of Africa. By sharing the knowledge I have obtained, I can influence people so that they are more hopeful and understand that with God, nothing is impossible.


You have been my hope throughout my studies at Africa University.


God bless you. Thank you.


Adeline Ituze


Adeline and her family fled their home country of Rwanda in 2003. Displaced by violent conflict, they sought refuge and safely in neighboring countries, and have ended up living in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe. Adeline’s parents do not have permission to work in Zimbabwe, so the family relies on the support of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees for its basic needs.


June 2016 - Letter of Appreciation:


Thank you for the assisting me over the past three years while I have been studying at Africa University. 


This has been helpful in many ways because without your assistanc, I would not have been able to attain this degree. My family has also benefited from this assistance because I will be able to help my young ones (siblings) and even my society from the knowledge I have gained. I hope to help my country by educating people about the best ways to use our resources and protect the environment as we develop our economy.


I am going out to help the nation in my field. I hope that you will continue with your good work of providing opportunities for the less privileged people in the world. Thank you for your assistance.


Yours faithfully,

Adeline Ituze