AC Workshops 2015

Several workshop opportunities will be offered during the Indiana Annual Conference Session in the Convention Center. You MUST sign up for these workshops by May 13, as space is limited. Most workshops are offered at no additional charge, unless listed otherwise.

Connecting Neighbors – Local Church Disaster Plan – $15 

Registration 12:30-1 p.m.; Class session 1-5 p.m.

What does your congregation do when a disaster happens in your community? As we strive to make disciples for Jesus Christ, we need to know how we will respond and take care of our family, our Church and our community. Join us for an afternoon of learning and sharing information. Why have a Church Disaster plan? ….because no one is immune to natural or human-caused disaster. Unfortunately, some church leaders do not recognize potential tragedy in their community. These are the ones who dismiss concerns by saying, “We’ve never had a disaster here.” They would rather devote energy to more immediate business than plan for what seems impossible. “If something happens, we’ll deal with it then.” Optional manual may be purchased for $25 (minimum one per church), which will be referred to in class. For additional information, contact Jim at or call 812-756-2122. Watch for registration.

Presenter: Reverend Jim Byerly, Indiana Annual Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

Volunteers In Mission Leader Training – Leading Your Church’s Team to Serve – $10

Registration 12:30-1 p.m.; Class session 1-5:30 p.m.

Volunteers are the backbone of the United Methodist Church and key to transforming lives for Jesus Christ. As the hands and feet of Christ at home and abroad, there are many aspects to our service that are critical to our working with and understanding of others. The training provided today will introduce you to the premise of service in the United Methodist Church; opportunities for individuals, young and mature, or teams; identification of programs that match your passion along with tips for planning a meaningful experience for yourself and others. This is NOT the VIM training of old!* Join Beth for an afternoon of learning and sharing information. Be prepared to experience culture, justice, personal growth and spiritual transformation with your next mission journey! Optional manual may be purchased for $25 (minimum one per church), which will be needed for class. For additional information contact Beth: or 317/705-1870. Watch for registration.

Presenter: Beth Stickles McDaniel, Indiana Annual Conference United Methodist Volunteer In Mission Coordinator

*If you have not participated in UMVIM training in the past 24 months, your certification is no longer considered current. Please consider participating in this course.

Abundant Health for All – Partnerships in Health for the Church and the Community – $5, 8:30-10 a.m.

For pastors, faith community nurses/parish nurses, health advocates and anyone interested in promoting health in their congregation are invited to attend.

The United Methodist Church believes we should be “Stakeholders for Health.” We believe that every church should implement best practices that lead to abundant health for all. How can your church implement these best practices? What role does the parish nurse play? Look at new resources developed outlining the five pillars for health: food for life, exercise for life, nurturing the mind for life, mentoring children for life, and social relationships for life. This new toolkit has been developed for you to pilot in your church. Join us to share the current integrated resource that can change the life of your church. Share stories of programs that work and better understand the role of the parish nurse and how the nurse can be a valuable asset for you.

Presenter: Patricia Magyar, RN, MPH; Executive Secretary, US Health; UM Global Health Unit

Active Clergy Health Plans for 2016, 8:30-10 a.m.

For full-time active clergy and their spouses in the Indiana Conference Health plans

This workshop will review the health plans that will be available to full-time active clergy in 2016-2018. Special attention will be given to the newer Consumer Driven Health Plan that has been an option for our participants for the last couple of years. Consumer-driven and high deductible plan options have been greatly expanded due to the Affordable Care Act and are excellent plans that allow participants to make choices on their health dollar spending. Consultants from First Person Benefit Advisers will present this material, including a primer on Health Reimbursement Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

Baby Boomers and Beyond, 8:30-10 a.m.

Today’s older adults are a diverse group. We have our strengths and goals. Not all baby boomers and beyond believe. How do we bring our unchurched back? Will we change the church? In our lifetime, we’ve seen so much change. A special guest speaker from the Alzheimer’s Association will discuss how we can minister to those with dementia and memory issues, and to their families.

Changing the Stewardship Conversation, 8:30-10 a.m.

A workshop that will address holistic stewardship models for congregations.

Presenters: Reverend Mary Ann Moman, Rejuvenate Ministry Director, Indiana Conference and D. Manet Shettle, President, United Methodist Foundation of Indiana

Cost Stewardship – It’s about Leveraging Dollars and Sense to Fund Ministries, 8:30-10 a.m.

We will share and rejoice the results of local churches saving over $1 million dollars in 2014 alone and to date savings that have eclipsed $2 million. We are rapidly accelerating finding new funds for ministries and outreach from state and federal revenue agencies and utilities companies. If you have not participated here, you need to. New options in our traditional programs will be shared at the 2015 seminar; however, two new areas (ENERGY AND NON-CLERGY HEALTH CARE) will be addressed. Energy: these costs are emerging as a great source of cost opportunity for larges churches, yet we have found many small church opportunities isolated in the NIPSCO/Citizens service areas. NON-CLERGY healthcare: many have to reduce or drop coverage due to rapid cost increases. We have test results to share that may allow you to affordably and compassionately provide coverage for your employees. This will be an hour to rejoice, tackle new issues and hear from you where you feel your needs can be better served. Visit to learn more.

Presenter: Monte Chamberlin, Founder and Owner of Cost Stewardship

Don’t Be a Victim – Protect Yourself from Scams and Identity Theft, 8:30-10 a.m.

One in five seniors becomes a victim of financial abuse and fraud. Take this opportunity to learn about the latest deceptive practices and techniques used by fraudsters on the phone, through the mail and on the computer. Current scams, schemes and identity theft will be discussed and what to do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Presenter: Michelle Mayer, Director of Outreach Services, Office of the Indiana Attorney General

INUMC Festival of Next Generation Preachers, 9-11 a.m.

You are invited to attend the INUMC Festival of Next Generation Preachers sessions to celebrate, be inspired and to encourage our young preachers as they deliver their sermons. This 3rd Annual Festival of Next Generation Preachers at Annual Conference showcases and encourages next generation leaders (14-28 years old), who are, and aspire to be, preachers of the Gospel. The celebration will continue with the Eat, Preach, and Praise Luncheon, which will highlight young adult voices in ministry through music and spoken word (see Annual Conference meal choices for lunch registration information). If you are or you know a next generation leader between the ages of 14 and 28 who would like to preach at the Festival, visit for more information.

MOB* Talk, 8:30-10 a.m.

*Mission Out-of-the-BOX, sponsored by Operation Classroom – Many of us have read the books, “Toxic Charity” or “When Helping Hurts.” They challenge us to do mission differently, but what does that actually look like when “boots hit the ground”? Join us in an interactive workshop challenging us to think about mission in ways that are “out of the box.”

New Member Orientation, 8:30-10 a.m.

There will be an orientation for first-time Annual Conference members, lay or clergy. Plan to come if this is your first time at Annual Conference or you just need to be refreshed.

Presenters: Conference Lay Leaders, Associate Lay Leaders and Dr. Carolyn Johnson, Conference Secretary

Where Have All the Parents Gone?, 8:30-10 a.m.

This workshop focuses on the tools needed for churches and/or laity to minister to children and teens, who may have a parent incarcerated in jail or prison, or who are themselves incarcerated. A panel of community speakers will focus on how to meet their spiritual, psychological and legal needs.

Sponsored by Indiana Conference’s Prison and Jail Committee

The workshops listed below will be offered to CLERGY FRIDAY MORNING and to LAITY FRIDAY AFTERNOON, following a Teaching Moment by Reverend George Howard.

50/50 Partnerships in Mission

This workshop provides practical resources for engaging in healthy, balanced conversations with mission partners. Whether you are looking to serve in new areas around the world or rethinking the way you connect locally, successful mission work is all about building relationships. The 50/50 Partnership model gives tangible strategies for making an impact in building the Kingdom of God.

Hosted by In Mission Together Partnership Coordinator

The Art of Bible Storying Workshop

Join Michael Novelli for a Bible storying experience – an imaginative way to engage in the scriptures through storytelling, creative reflection and lively dialogue. During this interactive workshop, you will explore how this learner-centered approach inspires participants to discover meaning and identity in the biblical narrative.

Presenter: Michael Novelli’s passion has been to explore the intersection of spiritual formation and experiential learning for more than two decades. This drive continues to fuel his work as a content designer, church youth leader and community advocate. Michael has a M.Ed. in Integrated Learning from Endicott College and serves as a senior curriculum developer for Sparkhouse, creating learner-centered resources and experiences for children, youth and adults.

The Colliding Stories that Nurture Faith Formation

The role of the church and task of pastors and ministry leaders is to frame what a formational arc or plan looks like for our communities. This seminar suggests that formation is rooted in stories that intersect, connect, even collide. Let’s talk about what we mean by “story,” “formation,” and how it affects the way we are formed as a faith community.

Presenter: Steve Argue serves as a pastor on the Ministry Leadership Team at Mars Hill Bible Church (Grand Rapids, MI). He is involved with Fuller Youth Institute as an Advisory Council Member; Expert Advisory Council Member for Churches Engaging Young People (CEYP); and Sticky Faith Coach and Trainer. He is Adjunct Professor of Youth Ministry at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Steve researches, speaks and writes on topics surrounding adolescence, emerging adulthood, spiritual development and spiritual struggle.

Discovering Your Church’s Story

We are all part of the collective story God is writing. Each person and congregation has a role to play and a storyline that is unfolding. We can’t invite others into our personal or congregational story until we do the work of discovering our story. We may find that we’re surprised at the results!

In this workshop/session, you’ll identify which Biblical story most reflects your congregation today. You’ll learn principles and processes to move from where you are to where you want to be. Finally, you’ll be presented with concrete opportunities to take meaningful steps toward personal and congregational transformation.

Presenter: Christin Nevins has been speaking, leading and facilitating groups for over 15 years. She works with church leaders and business professionals in a broad range of industries with a focus on organizational change, leadership development and conflict. Christin is a certified SLI coach and is seeing God doing amazing things in the Indiana Conference. She is passionate about equipping the church to thrive and future generations empowered through the vision and commitment of today’s lay and clergy leaders.

How to Integrate with the Hispanic Community

Have you and your congregation been asking yourselves; how can we, the people of God, work with and serve our Hispanic community and/or how can we, the people of God, work/team together with our Hispanic faith communities? Has God been putting in your church's heart to partner with and develop a Hispanic ministry with the purpose of making disciples for Jesus? If so, this is an opportunity for you to come and listen to the experiences and stories that have led to the developing of Hispanic ministry that is making disciples for Jesus Christ.

Presenter: Sergio Reyes, Associate Director of Church Development, INUMC

Learning to Listen: Governance & Leadership Structure for the Church of the 21st Century

For a church to be fruitful and aligned with its mission and vision, leadership and governance (how decisions are made and implemented) are indispensable. In order to accomplish this, a church must understand the three elements of effective leadership and governance – responsibility, authority and accountability. A three-legged stool absent of one leg will not function correctly and neither will the church if one of these elements is missing. Participants will learn how each element, working in harmony, will lead to the church becoming more efficient, effective and fruitful. In addition, the governance structure known as “the single board structure” will be addressed.

Presenter: Dave Neckers, Director of Church Development, INUMC

Love Your Neighbor

Jesus said that loving your neighbor is the greatest commandment. Learn from three leading churches in our Conference who are finding unique ways to connect, serve and love their community. Discover simple tools and ideas to help you and your church live in mission in your everyday life.

Hosted by Allison Curts, Associate Director of Mission and Advocacy, INUMC

Making Multi-site Ministry part of your story

The story of the Indiana Conference is the story of multi-site. Indiana congregations were the earliest adopters of the multiplication strategy of multi-site ministry. As such, the conference has a deep pool of experience filled with those who have employed multi-site blueprint as a means of expanding the kingdom. Participants in this workshop will gain a greater understanding of multiplication game-plans, the role of pastors and staff, as well as tips on communication and leadership development for multi-site launches. Come explore the variety of models and methods that have allowed so many of our Indiana congregations to make disciples through this rich strategy.

Presenter: Steve Clouse, Sr. Associate Director of Church Development, INUMC

Rediscover the Vital Impact of the Small Church

Churches less than 50 in average weekly attendance play a significant role in making disciples of Jesus Christ in our annual conference. Rapidly changing culture and population shifts require churches of this size to take new fresh approaches to impact their communities for Jesus’ sake.

Participants will experience:

  • Interactive discussion regarding the strengths of their church
  • Share concerns and difficulties experienced in the life of their church
  • Gain an understanding of the process called FCJ-IMPACT (A Fruitful Congregations Journey process for churches of this size)

Presenters: Ann Handschu and Doug Anderson, Associate Directors of Church Development, INUMC