Wednesday, June 6

Digital Theology: A bit of a byte, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $50 for Professionals; $35 for students and volunteers, Limit 50

Can you really have Holy Communion over the internet? What does it mean to build “community” on social media? Isn’t live streaming worship just providing a shop window for people to gaze through? Digital technology is changing everything. In this workshop, we will look at how digital is transforming Church, Bible and ministry both globally and particularly in the USA. How is our theology being reshaped by bits and bytes? How are our messages changing through social media? A day to explore ministry and culture in a digital age. Lunch will be provided. Led by Rev. Dr. Peter Phillips, Rev. Dr. Verity Jones, Adam Graber, John Dyer, and Amber Dyer. Students and volunteers may use discount code DIGITAL18 for a $15 discount.


Fresh Expressions, 3-5 p.m., no charge, Limit 100 - SOLD OUT

Join Church Development staff to learn about a missional movement that’s sweeping across America! We’ll be sharing about the Fresh Expressions outreach model that’s especially effective at reaching folk uninterested in church in our communities. We’ll share some stories of our Indiana churches that have used this model before they even knew it, and offer some principles that you can use to start one through your church. Attending this workshop makes your church eligible to apply for a new Fresh Expressions grant for up to $1,000. The number of these is limited. You’ll hear more about the grant and how to apply at the workshop. Questions? Contact Ed Fenstermacher


See All the People: Building Discipleship Systems and Engaging Community Development, 3-5 p.m., no charge, Limit 100 - SOLD OUT

How do we connect our discipleship practices with communities that are changing? Some are growing and some are shrinking. All are changing. How must we change to reach them for Jesus Christ? This workshop will share insights and resources from Discipleship Ministries about developing intentional systems to reach people in our communities. Led by Rev. Dr. Jacqui King, Director of Leadership for Congregational Vitality, Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church.


With not For, 3-5 p.m., no charge Limit 100

In this ministry with the poor workshop, participants will learn how to create relationships with under-resourced neighbors that will stick and create transformation within congregations. This workshop, led by Rev. Jamalyn Peigh Williamson, will help church leaders look at a strategy that will foster lasting transformation as opposed to a band- aid approach. The techniques and philosophies will help churches understand how to be more extravagant with their hospitality and create lasting change in people’s lives.


Church Marketing, 7-9 p.m., no charge Limit 100

Leaders will begin a journey to build and implement a strategic marketing plan for their church. They will explore

can effectively reach individuals and make will be led by Jeremy Brown, Director of Communications Training and Development at United Methodist Communications. He specializes in creating a learning atmosphere aimed at fostering growth, goal-setting, and purpose driven results. In his spare time, he enjoys using his communication skills to diffuse and manage tight situations through his work as a high school and college football official.


Myth Busting Adolescent Leadership in the Church, 7-9 p.m., no charge, Limit 100

Together we will be myth-busters who discover the truth about how to help adolescents lead in our churches.
Believe it or not, teens are not too busy, too uninterested or too self-focused to want to serve in our churches.
However, we have to believe and act on the truth that they are gifted and called to leadership to empower them
to live it out as a part of our church families. Don’t believe the myths – let’s talk about the basic truths that can
help us with youth leadership development in our churches.

Thursday, June 7

New Member Orientation, 8:30-10 a.m., no charge Limit 100 - SOLD OUT

There will be an orientation for first-time Annual Conference members, lay or clergy. Plan to attend if this is your first time at an Annual Conference Session or you just need a refresher.


Laity Learning Day, 12:45-1:45 p.m., no charge, Limit 800

Grab a bite to eat and come join the Board of Laity for a time of learning and leadership development. The first 30 minutes will be devoted to exploring what it means to be called, and how Lay Servant Ministries can provide a means to explore where God is calling you. The second 30-second chat will focus on what exactly it means to be a lay leader in your church.