About the United Methodist Hoosier Heritage Map

United Methodism in the state of Indiana has an uncommonly rich heritage, more than two centuries in the making. Indiana is one of the few states to have congregations from all of the major predecessor bodies that eventually blended into the UMC. In addition to the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Protestant Church, we had a few congregations of the old Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Then there were those from the former Evangelical Association, the United Brethren Church, and the German Methodists. The Lexington Conference, a segregated body of the Methodist Church, was also a part of our history until it was finally integrated into the Church's structure.

This map was produced to acquaint United Methodists of Indiana with past places/persons/ events of significance directly related to one of our predecessor denominations or to those institutions presently ministering in the name of the United Methodist Church. A fascinating theme running through many of the selections is the way in which our architecture evolved.

Importantly, there is something to see or visit at each location. The current map is based on a version prepared in the mid-1970s by a task force from the former North Indiana and South Indiana conferences. That map was published in the June 1976 issue of the Hoosier United Methodists Together newspaper. Under the leadership of Dean Michael G. Cartwright, Dr. John Baughman, John Riggs, and Richard Stowe served as a committee to revise that version. The committee deleted locations where there is no longer something to be seen, added several sites that have historical significance, and corrected or deleted erroneous statements.

Dr. Cartwright then updated the map for the purpose of making it available on the Indiana Conference website. Ms. Cindy Tyree located the geo-codes for each site. A portion of the committee, with Dr. Herb Cassel and Mr. Wesley Wilson, continue to review and upgrade the locations.

This revised map is offered with the desire that it will encourage persons to visit the places portrayed, to appreciate our storied past and present, and to sustain the ministry of Christ and the Church in Indiana far into the future.

Abbreviations Used

E.U.B – Evangelical United Brethren

Ev. – Evangelical Association

L.C. – Lexington Conference

M. – Methodist

M.E. – Methodist Episcopal

M.E.S. – Methodist Episcopal Church South

M.P. – Methodist Protestant

U.B. – United Brethren

U.M. – United Methodist