United Methodist Women

The UNITED METHODIST WOMEN shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know GOD and
to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship;
and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


United Methodist Women of Indiana is a statewide organization of women engaged in mission and advocacy and a part of the North Central Jurisdiction UMW. More information from the United Methodist Women National Office can be found at www.unitedmethodistwomen.org.

Mission Giving supports projects to women, children and youth so they may experience Christ's love.

Our 2017 Goals


"Mission Messenger" is published quarterly and mailed to all district and conference officers, presidents of local units of United Methodist Women, and local churches.  ~~~   UMW also has occasional e-mail updates via "Constant Contact." To subscribe to either of these, please contact the communications coordinator at umwin@inumc.org.  ~~~  Scroll to the bottom of this page to find our links to social media sites.



  • March 17 -- registration deadline for April Spiritual Growth Retreat
  • April 21-22 -- Spiritual Growth Retreat (Friday, 7;00 pm EST to Saturday 3:00pm) ** Rev. Mary Kathryn Pearce “The Listening Heart” Matthew 5:44-45 and Mark 12:29 ** Don Hall’s Guesthouse 1313 W. Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Registration form is HERE (register by March 17)

  • July 18-21 -- Mission u @ DePauw University
  • July 22 -- Sampler Day @ DePauw University
  • October 6-7 -- Conference Annual Gathering and the night before
  • October 11 - Silent Retreat Registration Deadline - Registration form
  • October 27-29 -- Silent Retreat @ Sarto House in Evansville (Registration and check-in is Friday 6:00pm - 7:45pm EST) **Lexa McCampbell & Barb Bugher, Facilitators - Registration form
  • November 4 -- Leadership Development and Officer Training for District Officers at Christ UMC in Westfield



Esther 4:14: If you persist in staying silent at a time like this, help and deliverance will arrive…from someplace else…who knows? Maybe you were made queen for such a time as this.

What is Limitless? The annual opportunity for Young Women to know more about United Methodist Women. Sponsored and paid for by United Methodist Women of the Indiana Conference. 

Fun, Friends and Fellowship ~ Workshops, Hands on Mission, Worship
Teen women grades 9-12 to age 39

2016 Limitless Event Presentation -- Click HERE to see what all the excitement was about!!                  


Lucille Raines Residence

In 2017 The Lucille Raines Residence will celebrate 40 years of Changing Hearts and Lives ~~ The celebrations will take place on May 16, 17 and 18 with tours, residents' sharing, and (of course!!) cake and punch!!

Lucille Raines Residence is a facility owned and operated by United Methodist Women of Indiana. Many of the men and women who are residents are actively engaged in rebuilding their lives from substance abuse. They all share in learning to function independently and as whole people in life. Many are finding Christ to be the source of successful recovery. Visit the new Lucille Raines Residence website - click here for more information.
  1. Churches may support Lucille Raines Residence with Advance Special Giving.
  2. If you are looking for a special project you might consider an undesignated gift, to be used as needed.
  3. Remember to send in the $10.00 per United Methodist Women member per year "asking" to your UMW of Indiana District Treasurer for the support of Lucille Raines Residence.
  4. Read the latest LRR newsletter.
  5. 40th Anniversary flyer can be found HERE along with a bulletin insert HERE

Mission u

Click here for more info.  For information about the phenomenal 2014 Money for Mortar project click here.  And to see Delaney's presentation about the 2014 UMVIM trip to the Congo that was presented at the UMW annual celebration click here.  Further updates can be found by scrolling through the Indiana Mission u facebook page. 

Legacy Fund

March 23, 1869, eight women gathered at Tremont Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston, Massachusetts,
and organized what would become United Methodist Women. Celebrate their dedication and foresight with
a special gift to United Methodist Women and the Legacy Fund.

Gifts go to The Legacy Fund, a permanent endowment that will support the mission outreach of future generations of United Methodist Women as they address the needs of women, children and youth of their day.

Giving is easy!!      Great Idea for Special Birthday gift!        Mother's Day is coming up!!

During Mission u you will have an opportunity to complete a commitment card or make a contribution to the Legacy Fund. We are hopeful that every member of United Methodist Women of Indiana will make a gift to the Legacy Fund of at least $18.69 per year over and above her Pledge to Mission for five years (2015-2019).

Online at      www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/legacyfund
By Phone:    at 800-278-7771 (8am-6pm EST)
Text:            Legacy150 to 41444 on your mobile device
By Check:    United Methodist Women, 475 Riverside Drive, 15th floor-Finance, New York, NY 10115

Be sure to add project number 3001147 to your gift.

Reading Program

One of the exciting elements of programming for United Methodist Women is the Reading Program - click here and select Reading Program on the left. Each year relevant books to support and inform our purpose are selected and made available through the UMW Mission Resource Center e-store. Find a listing of all of the books from 2011 to 2016 HERE.

be just. be green

Just practices for Earth and all her communities. For details about the program, click here.

Other forms and items of interest

  • To arrange for a visit from a missionary contact the Indiana Conference, Secretary of Global Ministries, Rita Gaither-Gant.
  • UMW of Indiana Conference newsletter is called the Mission Messenger and the latest edition is HERE
  • 2015 Report to the Annual Conference of Indiana United Methodist Church
  • UMW e-Store -- to purchase resources for programming, click here
  • 2014 Report to Annual Conference
  • In 2013 UMW of Indiana had 10,810 members -- including two online units!
  • Download a list of current (2016) conference officers and their contact information HERE. 
  • Full calendar of 2017 UMW of Indiana Conference events HERE
  • Indiana map with districts outlined
  • The MISSION TODAY reporting form can be found HERE for 2017.  This is due January 18, 2018.
  • NEEDED IMMEDIATELY:  Forms for reporting:  2018 Local Officers Form (to be filled out by local UMW organizations and sent to their district secretary) - information will be used to create or update our UMW of Indiana Directory.  Completed form is due November 1, 2017.
  • We are trying to encourage more ladies to work on being Five Star Woman and All Star Woman. Find the form HERE.
  • Want to become more involved? Here is a way to let the committee on nominations know that you would like an opportunity to serve United Methodist Women.
  • Action Alerts on key congressional legislation and public policies are available from the National Office.
  • Click HERE to find your state legislator.
  • Brochure for the Youth and Young Adult Scholarship Fund providing funding for hands on mission and mission education experiences to youth people ages 13 to 25, for the 2017 form click HERE
  • Click here for resources for information and advocacy.
  • 2012 UMW Report to the Annual Conference -- Video
  • Saving our history -- for information about what to save and send to the Indiana Archives of United Methodism - check these instructions.
  • To download a PowerPoint presentation for Advocacy 101 click HERE.

District Lists and Newsletters

  • Central District
    • Officers List HERE
    • Newsletter "Central Link" HERE
  • South District
    • Officers List HERE
    • Newsletter  "The South Connection" HERE
  • Southwest District
    • Newsletter "Southwest Connections" includes officers information HERE
  • NorthEast District
    • Newsletter "The Purple Cloth" HERE
  • NorthCentral District
  • West District
    • Newsletter "Agape" HERE
  • North District
  • East District

Attention: Treasurers!

Indiana Conference, United Methodist Women Remittance form for Local and District treasurers (with instructions).

  • Be sure to send your collections in a timely manner (monthly or at least quarterly) -- don't hoard it until the end of the year!!
  • Indiana treasurers, please use THIS FORM as it includes our Conference special askings.
  • And find the instructions HERE
  • For other forms available from the National Office (Special Mission Recognition and Mission Giving Cards), click HERE.

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