IMPACT - for Small Membership Churches

IMPACT guides your church to learn how to thrive in your “tomorrows” instead of hoping to just survive them.

This process includes on-going learning practices such as strategic, fruitful goal setting, team ministry, sharing and implementing new directions for your church. 


IMPACT is designed for church transformation by

  • Building on the traditions of the past;

  • Understanding the present culture; and

  • Preparing for future ministry. 

Nine sessions, meeting on Saturdays every other month, will walk you through the following topics: 

  • Session 1: The Important Role of the Small Membership Church
  • Session 2: The Value of Vision
  • Session 3: Simplified Leadership Structure for Accountable Ministry
  • Session 4: Controlling Maintenance, Capturing Mission
  • Session 5: Intentional Faith Development
  • Session 6: Moving from Encounters to Relationships
  • Session 7: Moving Outside the Walls: Reaching the Next Generation
  • Session 8: The Worship Experience
  • Session 9: Working Through Church Change

Each Saturday session will be facilitated by experienced coaches. By the end of each session, your church will leave with a ministry action plan (MAP) to take home and so you can get to work and make those changes. You'll report back on your results at the next session. 

For more information: Contact Randy Anderson


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