Church Redevelopment: Fruitful Congregation Journey

The primary process for churches working with our Redevelopment team involves the Fruitful Congregation Journey (FCJ).

Over the past several years, hundreds of Indiana congregations have participated in this journey of congregational and personal transformation. Many new ministries and renewed congregations have resulted from the intentional efforts of these churches to engage in fruitful ministry with their communities. 

Here are comments from some previous FCJ participants:

“FCJ has changed the way we look at leadership in the church. It has given me leadership skills that have spilled over into my paid job. I recommend it for everyone!”

- Karen Zimmerman, lay member of FCJ team, Kokomo Grace UMC

“As a result of FCJ, our church’s core leadership and a lot of our laity have really bought into the idea of us changing our church’s perspective from being inward and focused on our survival to being outward and focused on serving our community. FCJ is one of the best programs our conference has ever done.”

— Rev. Jim Tormey, Roanoke Seminary United Methodist Church

"FCJ has brought us focus and additional tools to assist in becoming better leaders, servants, to make us a better church. A real church, that wants to make disciples of Jesus Christ. It takes fire in our bellies and lots of work. Is it worth it? You betcha!"  

- Pastor Mary van Wijk, Remington United Methodist Church

“FCJ is having a positive impact on our congregation in three major ways: intentionality in developing a new generation of leaders, moving forward on multiple strategic fronts, and putting laity at the center of the movement (rather than creating clergy dependence).”

— Pastor Mark Fenstermacher, Bloomington First United Methodist Church and the Open Door

“FCJ accelerated the pace of our transformation from a good church that took care of its people to an outwardly-focused church that took seriously the mission of making disciples. When a church makes decisions based on what is best for the mission instead of what is best for the members, it becomes radically different.”

— Pastor Tony Alstott, Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church

"The Fruitful Congregation Journey offers the best in church development resources that most churches could never begin to afford financially--books, consultants, coaches and support all along the way. I highly recommend FCJ to any congregation that is serious about the mission to make disciples for Jesus Christ in an ever-changing environment."

- Pastor Cheryl Garbe, Vincennes Community UMC


What if my church has already been through FCJ?

Check out FCJ 2.0!

To create a culture of transformation centered at the local church, FCJ 2.0 assists congregations in forming an environment of collaborative and continual learning and assessment.

Contact Steve Clouse for more information.  

What if my church is really small?

Check out FCJ: IMPACT!

FCJ: IMPACT sessions for small membership churches are underway!

Additional districts will begin offering the process soon. Watch for information and registration, coming soon! 

Contact Randy Anderson for more information.