Church Redevelopment: Fruitful Congregation Journey

The primary process for churches working with our Redevelopment team involves the Fruitful Congregation Journey. The Fruitful Congregation Journey is a three- step, team-based, leadership development discovery process to help churches more effectively fulfill the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of world. 

In Step 1, the process develops a church’s leadership base, helping grow leaders and providing them with key concepts for church effectiveness.

Step 2 of the process provides a church with a Ministry Action Plan that is tailored to its unique context and that builds on the concepts introduced in Step 1.

In Step 3, with the help of a coach, the church will implement the next steps outlined in its Ministry Action Plan.

Step 1:  Please contact Brenda Gross at

Step 2:  Please contact Jack Hartman at

Step 3: Please contact Herb Buwalda at