3. Implementation of Prescriptions

What is it?

The Implementation of Prescriptions is the third step in the Fruitful Congregation Journey. With the help of a coach, the church will implement the five prescriptions that were identified through the assessment weekend in step 2.

What churches are eligible?

Any church that has completed the Consultation/Intervention Process and voted to adopt and implement the five prescriptions.

What’s involved?

The Implementation of Prescriptions includes the following…

  1. COACHING: The church will have a coach assigned – usually who was a part of the assessment team in step 2 – who will meet onsite with the church’s leadership to help guide them in the implementation of prescriptions.
  2. PEER MENTOR GROUP: The church’s pastor will be a part of an ongoing peer-mentoring group consisting of pastors from other churches in step 3. The group will have a trained leader convene them each month.


The church will pay their coach $200 per month plus roundtrip mileage (IRS rate) during the implementation period, which is typically 12-18 months. The cost for the peer mentor leaders will be paid by Conference Church Development’s budget.


Contact your district’s Church Development staff person.  They can be reached at 877 781-6706. 

February 13, 2012
 Indiana Conference UMC