2018 Charge Conference & District Connection Days

                                  District Connection Days 2018

November 4 at  3 CT / 4 ET                                                                     November 18 3 ET / 2 CT

Chesterton UMC                                                                                           South Bend Clay UMC

434 S 2nd Street                                                                                            52866 Ironwood Drive

Pastors and church leaders should choose the event to attend that works best with their schedule or location.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to gather as the Body of Christ, hear our Conference Superintendent, Rev. Larry Whitehead preach and experience meaningful worship.  This is not a business meeting!  Though we will take a few minutes to ratify the Charge Conference reports and votes while we are together.  Attendance will be taken at these events.  No forms are to be taken to the event.  Please send all reports and the signed signature page to Jan prior to attending the District Connection Day event.


                                Charge Conference Information

The date indicated in the system generated email and Charge Conference dashboard, October 12, is the date by which all Charge Conference reports are to be submitted through the online system. It is not the date of your physical Charge Conference.  Other reports due October 12, such as Parsonage Condition Reports, Air Quality Reports, Lay Servant Annual Reports, are to be sent as a pdf file attached to an email to north.district@inumc.org or faxed to 219-575-6184.  


Committee work and timeline

2019 Leadership should be established by October 1.  Always notify Jan of any changes to your leadership that occur after you have entered your charge conference reports.



2019 pastoral compensations should be set by October 1.  2019 minimum compensation amounts, cost of living and merit recommendations, and health insurance costs can be found here. 


Parsonage Walk-Through, Air Quality Tests and Reports

A parsonage inspection is required annually, and an air quality test is required bi-annually.  The Parsonage Condition report and the report of the air quality test are both required to be submitted to the District Resource Center.


Initial login to the Charge Conference system

The appointed pastor must be the first person to log into the Charge Conference system, using their inumc.org email as the login. The password will be the password set last year, OR you may use the "Forgot My Password" feature.  PASTORS - DO NOT SHARE YOUR LOGIN WITH ANOTHER PERSON TO ENTER REPORTS.  You can easily set up additional users. 

Instructions for the online system, with screen shots and notes, are available here.


Sign in to the online Charge Conference reports is available here.


Lay Servant Annual Report and other reports and helpful forms can be found here.

Remember - Lay Servant Reports require your pastor's signature and Church Council vote prior to being submitted.  Please submit your Lay Servant Report to your Church Council prior to their September meeting.


Questions or need assistance?  Contact Jan at 219-575-6235 or north.district@inumc.org.