2017 District Connection Days - Charge Conference

District Connection Days 

Sunday, November 5, 3 p.m. ET at Epworth Forest Discipleship Center

Sunday, November 12, 3 p.m. ET at South Bend Grace UMC

Sunday, November 19, 4 p.m. CT at Crown Point First UMC

Laity and pastors will not want to miss DS Larry's relevant message focusing on the Missional Church, and the passionate worship at the District Connection Day events.  A small portion of the District Connection Day events will be dedicated to conducting the business of the Charge Conference. Choose 1 of these events and attend to celebrate our connection.  Together we are more.


Charge Conference season is here. Because your committee work needs to be completed, voted upon and approved prior to the report submission date (reports are to be submitted no later than October 1), here are some steps to take now to prepare.



The Annual Parsonage Inspection is addressed in the Book of Discipline,  ¶252.4e, ¶258.2g.16, and ¶2533.4.

You may complete the annual inspection and bi-annual air quality test at any time of the year.  Your charge conference reports require the date of your annual parsonage inspection and air quality test.

Send your Parsonage Condition Agreement form and air quality test results to the district resource center at the time of the inspection and test.  (north.district@inumc.org or fax to 219-575-6184)

If your local church is not incorporated, please complete the Certification of Trustee Election form and send a copy to your county recorder.


Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committees should begin the process of setting the 2018 pastoral compensation in time for the church/administrative council to approve the compensation by mid-September.

The 2018 minimum annual compensations are below:

Full-Time Elder              $42,121                 Half-Time $21,061

Full-Time Provisional Elder  $40,717         Half-Time $20,359

Full-Time Local Pastor  $38,611                 Half-Time $19,306

Suggested amounts for cost of living and merit increases will be forth coming.

2018 Insurance Amounts, click here.

The Clergy Assessment is due by November 30th. 

To access the assessment template prior to completing the assessment, click here.

Lay Leadership and Development (Nominations)

The Lay Leadership and Development team should begin meeting now to establish the 2018 Local Church Leadership.  Leadership is to be approved by Church Council prior to entering the Leadership Directory within the Charge Conference reports.  If you are having difficulty establishing a leader for a particular position prior to your entry of the report, please contact Jan.

Other Reports

Each Lay Servant/Lay Speaker is to submit the  Lay Servant Annual Report to their Church/Administrative Council prior to the voting process.  After the Ad Council vote, present the form to your pastor. After signed, send the pdf file to north.district@inumc.org.

  The online Charge Conference system is now open.

Other charge conference related forms can be found here.


Instructions for online Charge Conference Reporting System                

(includes screen shots with simple notes)